Cell Phone Symphony

Improv Everywhere conducts 60 cell phones to go off simultaneously in a bookstore bag check.

Full story: http://improveverywhere.com/2006/02/18/cell-phone-symphony/

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20 Responses to Cell Phone Symphony

  1. Fusion Gaming says:

    Ah when the first came out

  2. A Nø̈rd says:

    They made this huge job for the reactions of 2-3 people only?

  3. Portal4 says:

    I think phones were better off when people were not preoccupied with them…
    Fancy things don't always lead to better lives in my opinion. I would believe that exploring the world is better than snapchatting several people at once…

  4. J. David Jacobo says:

    this has to be done again

  5. BobDawg173 says:

    They should do this again but use an alarm. With modern phones all synchronizing from near identical time servers they would all go off at exactly the same time. And you wouldnt have to have another group to call them. just have everyone download the same alarm tone.

  6. A bespectacled Cow says:

    The Samsung group would have some trouble, since they come up with a new Over the Horizon version with every phone XD

  7. Evangeline Prescott says:

    oh shit, its back in the day

  8. Ice Sandwich says:

    Sym PHONY!!!!

  9. Takami Chika says:

    Oh my god I used to have three ringtones

  10. Alena Nadine Xandra says:

    gosh, this was ten years ago

  11. Samantha smurf says:

    Nokia was the best hahah.

  12. hinamoriamulover says:

    I can't believe this was 10 years ago

  13. Franco Taco says:

    That would actually be kind of scary. My first instinct if every phone started going off would be some kind of emergency broadcast of something really terrible.

  14. You Got No Jams says:

    Real life Durarara

  15. Arion Elise says:

    THE QUALITY IT BURNSSSSS!!!!….Like the vid tho

  16. sweeTandsour says:

    omg this was 2006?! i was only 9 and no iphones were invented yet! SHOCKING!!

  17. vince rante says:

    I was 1 years old back then in 2006

  18. Anne McSherry says:

    They should do one where one person's phone rings and it's the very start of a song and then someone else's phone rings and its the next part and then another person's phone rings etc. They could even do a round.

  19. EPIC Troller says:

    I know right?

  20. Lia Grammer says:

    Omg 2006… I was only 2 years old. Wow, just looking back.