Cell Phones Cause Cancer – It’s Official – Here Is The Cure

Cell Phones Cause Cancer - It's Official - Here Is The Cure

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20 Responses to Cell Phones Cause Cancer – It’s Official – Here Is The Cure

  1. arulaful says:

    or…you can protect yourself by using orgonite and or shungite…+ use the speakerphones…

  2. arulaful says:

    sorry boss but bluetooth or wired headsets do the same thing…you can get tube headsets that use no wires…they work like stethoscopes…

  3. Nimesus says:

    World Health Organization / International Agency For Research (WHO/IARC) has 'reluctantly' listed microwave emitters a Class 2B carcinogen as of a few years back.
    Additionally, what is now allowed to envelop you, ie microwave band electromagnetic radiation, was well known as a health hazard in the military and associated industries decades ago. There is nothing new under the sun with the possible exception of man's tireless attempts to profit at the expense of other's health.

  4. MaliVinnyB says:

    You can be persuasive without insulting people…you spout religious rhetoric,and then turn around and say hatefull things…yes,Obama's a pawn…were U to be president,you'd see personally WHY the man does what he does…a very real fear for his own life and that of his family….

  5. Raptar Driver says:

    Resveratrol, Ellagic Acid, Ginger and Garlic cause cancer cells to self terminate.

  6. Butter Bean says:

    yep this cell phone stuff has been out sense the first cell phones where given to the public. there is no doubt cell phones cause cancer any more. its old news. thanks for brining it back up to the ignorant and unknowing Bill.

  7. Debra Oakley says:

    it is the emfs…this is why I live in the wilderness…turn off phone when you goto sleep…wireless headsets…

  8. Stanley Plock says:

    I usually use the Speakerphone.
    Would microwaves travel up the wire to the headphones?
    I suppose not because it is such a high frequency that the wire would be too inductive.
    Wire does not pass microwaves well.

  9. jermy salva says:


  10. patty adams says:

    whoever made that mishappened face of Obama I applaud ! lol that was fucking great ! lol !omg I laughed for hours ! best picture EVER of him lol !!

  11. Keepoh says:

    Cell phones don't cause cancer. Unsubscribed, this channel is filled with dumb ass conspiracy theories and dumb ass conspiracy theorists.

  12. Buddy Crane Jr says:

    unless someone can scientifically prove that cell phones cause cancer, IT'S BASICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for cell phones to cause cancer.

  13. jack black says:

    There is now "Anti Radiation Energy Saver Mobile Phone EMF Protection Stickers" you can get off ebay and the likes (Scaler technology) I have them on everything in my house…WiFi, mobile phones, laptop and DECT house phones…!! a very simple solution..!!

  14. shutterspine says:

    mr mount, when can i get your digits so we can exchange pleasantries? say for instance- whats cooking behind that apron!

  15. Albert Hendersong says:

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  16. A CATAL says:

    I gave you a thumb up'

  17. Sky W. says:

    I was Field Sales for 15 years actoss the US and used my cell all the time. In 2012 I had a tiny bump on my left side of face and my ear was starting to look weird on the edge. This is the side I had my cell. I ended up have Squamous cell cancer. They cut a 2" cut across my cheek (Mohs surgery) and rebuilt my ear from the skin from my neck. This confirms.

  18. George Oleson says:

    DCA   sodium dichloroacetic  acid

  19. Paul Abernathy says:

    I just left sedro -wooley, from s, Seattle and counted over 60 + cell towers before kelso….

  20. Daniel Mount says:

    I know that getting rid of Obama and his criminal Obamacare will save your life.