Cell Phones Cause Cancer

CNN News Report

Cell phones/mobile phones have been shown in independent studies to double/triple cancer rates among longterm users.
According Dr George Carlo, the man funded .5 million by the cell phone industry to investigate the safety of cell phones, cell phones emit two dangerous types of radiation.

1 Microwave radiation which heats up the brain. possibly effecting hormones, breaking down cell walls.
2. ELF radiation which also comes from overhead power lines. Research on animals shows ELF causes birth defects, cataracts amongst many other serious problems. Both Wifi and 3G radiation emit ULF radiation.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xjaxk6Qhm4

-Its worth noting that when indoors or when making calls on a weak signal your phone will emit as much as 50mW/m^2 . This is the same amount of radiation someone is exposed to when standing 10m away from a town centre phone mast/tower.

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20 Responses to Cell Phones Cause Cancer

  1. Anix Gonzalez says:

    I get board a lot and that's why I use my phone

  2. Letta Mego says:

    The government is using our cell phone use as an excuse to force wireless transceiver on our homes… wireless transceivers that pulse microwave radiation though out your homes , 24 hours a day, at the speed of light.
    After exposure to microwave radiation cell membrane of the heart had pores unequal in size and the cells lost their penetration character.  The concentration of Na*, K*,  Ca2*, Cl-, Mg2*, Ca2* and P3 in cell culture medium increased significantly and the concentration of Ca2* in cells decreased significantly.  The results indicated that the cardiomyocytes are susceptible to non-ionizing radiation.  Pulsed electromagnetic fields can induce cardiomyocytes electroporation and can do great damage to cells conformation, structure and function.  Electroporation
    is one of the most critical mechanisms to explain the  non -thermal effects of electromagnetic

  3. Willie Chavez says:

    Good thing there's airplane mode when not in use.

  4. Raph 04art says:

    Does this risk apply to laptop use as well?

  5. Skip Baker says:

    Utter nonsense. Just push your Alkaline to above 7.5 to kill any cancer in your body. Cancer cannot live in an Alkaline body. Cancer lives on Acid, Stuff like Coke. Replace that with one teaspoon of Baking Soda three times a day to kill any cancer in your body with Alkaline in your system. A doctor got the Nobel Prize in 1931 for proving that Alkaline can kill Cancer. Medical doctors cannot make money on that. So they don't tell you about it.

  6. Skrubcomedy520 says:

    It's only dangerous if you use your phone 24/7 nonstop

  7. Tom Maras says:

    My wife died of cancer. She developed a metastatic sarcoma on her lower thigh. That is is the EXACT same place where she rested her cell phone when driving her car that she did quite a bit during the day. Cancer spread to her spine and pelvic bones. Radiation treatments took her life. Cell phones are DANGEROUS!! KEEP THEM AWAY FROM YOUR BODY.

  8. Rory Lannigan says:

    The reality is, were all just human guinie pigs for the products we use. Then these corporations dig themselves in, they're reluctant to admit any wrong doing, because it'll cost them billions. Unfortunately, alot of these things aren't properly tested prior. It's like plastic, BPA's cause hormonal problems endorcine disruptors. But for decades, none of us could have imagined that these fun colorful cups, water bottles could pose a risk. I gurantee you, were surrouded by a endless amount of things that have undesired side effects. I don't blame corporations much though, it's supply & demand if we held up every product for the decades t takes to determine absolute safety.Well we'd all be shit ot of luck living in bubbles still living in the 1950s lol. Regardless everything kills you.Time kills you.

  9. E J Darly says:

    Okay so the MILLION $ question is; How do you store your phone while you're out and about that won't be too close to the body? We know that atleast women have purses but mens phones usually end up in their pockets.

  10. RedHairdo says:

    I will say WHY a lot of people don't want to believe this: because it's part of their life and most people they know. And this is a harmful truth, which makes it scary. The majority of the people denying this weren't courageous enough to properly look it up, cannot accept the truth, and/or has something to gain from the markets involved. Some also stumble on a single corporate article trying to mislead others into believing it's safe, and then act as if he/she read a 1000 articles on the matter.

    So this is why. Hope that clears it up for those not understanding why there are imbeciles trying to defend the contrary. They probably will have their own children dead soon for it. Or should I say, in 10 years? Haha. (Poor them, though.)

  11. grow2b says:

    What kind of a stupid test is that?! I believe cell phone's electromagnetic does has an affect–it is a form of radiation?

  12. Ashley Bell says:

    Telecommunication industries own research states electromagnetic  fields with frequencies in the mobile telecommunication range, do play a role in the development of cancer. The report does not mention the dangers of banana radiation but all bananas are mobile.

  13. Lesya Sparrow says:

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  14. darkenergylambda says:

    physicist + doctor here. A Banana emits more radiation than a cell phone. Even sleeping next to a person gives you more radiation. You don't hear people crying foul about sleeping next to a person or Bananas causing cancer. 

    This is BS use your phone all you want just don't drive and use it.

  15. Kepler_ says:

    How is the radiation going to cause cancer? Cell phone radiation is non-ionizing, which means it's not nearly powerful enough to rip an atom from a molecule, which means that the DNA can't be damaged. And if DNA can't be damaged, then cells can't become cancerous.

  16. Crystal Anderson says:

    That's it! I'm throwing out my cellphone! Ain't getting brain cancer because of my addiction to social media & games lol..I'll give it up if it means I stay healthy! Yeah I've noticed my right hand, wrist and arm hurt all the way up into my shoulder when I'm holding NY phone too long. Not because of the strain, but the phone gets hot and causes my whole hand & arm to ache even for days! Guess I'm gonna ditch my phone as much as I can :/

  17. Veronica Zrnchik says:

    Plus, I don't see how lives would be turned upside down.It isn't like we didn't live without phones in the past. I would saytha the vast majority of phone use is not life changing or life saving. Is the risk worhtther gain? Maybe for some but not for all.

  18. Veronica Zrnchik says:

    Is he doing any further reports?? There are many new research articles out there and he needs to do another story on this. Please do more and help those who are already suffering!!!