Cell Phones: Distraction?

This is my video submission for Dr. Beard’s English class.
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20 Responses to Cell Phones: Distraction?

  1. Dustin Martin says:

    love this.

  2. YourAnjl says:

    Nicely done. I was reading today that distracted walking is becoming a serious problem, with accidents doubling each year from people walking and using the cell phone either to talk or text. And I think texting has a huge impact on sloppiness of the use of the English language, including spelling. I also think folks are walking around oblivious to the people right around them, being cut off from the here and now. So I agree true intimacy is lost. I refuse to own a cell phone.

  3. Austin Kim says:

    Yes! Good voice over, good review of the history of phones, and a very good explanation of how cell phones disrupt our day to day life. The whole clip about texting and driving is a potent one and im glad you found it as it drives home the point that a small "yeah" can be deadly. Also I liked how you begin to question the lack of inter connectivity as a result of our rampant reliance on text messages.

  4. Emily Russell says:

    I think this is a great topic because this is a huge deal in today's society. I think the video was good because it had good facts, music, and information. It was interesting and kept me watching. Great job!

  5. Montana Holland says:

    I really like how you had a brief history of the phone. The voice over was really nice and i like the over all tone of the video. It is very serious but informative. It flows very well and is organized. I dont see any flaws in this video at all. Nice job!

  6. chandler duckworth says:

    Your video was very easy to watch and pay attention to as well. The voiceover was excellently done and your video was very informational. I am beyond addicted to my phone and your topic was so easily relatable to.

  7. Garrett Henderson says:

    I love this topic. I agree completely that cell phones have weakened the interpersonal relationships in families. Everyone knows phones are a distraction wile driving, but the argument about distractions from quality family time is unique and incredibly interesting. Awesome video.

  8. Andrew Van Gessel says:

    Great voice overs and how it went with your pics. Sound effects were good and well placed. I like how you gave the history of phones and how it slowly creeped into our lives. I found this video to be on of my favorites

  9. Lauren Rayburn says:

    Your video was very informational and very well put together. It made me realize just how addicting to my phone I am. I like how you explained the reasonings on how they are disgracing instead of just stating that they are. Your clips from youtube were also very informational. I really enjoyed your video. One of my favorites!

  10. Jamison Bone says:

    Cellular Telephones is one of the most relevant topics to this English class, so watching this video was definitely something I could relate to. I definitely believe that cell phones can be a distraction during school time. Time management and self control are two keys presented in this video that make this presentation very insightful and informative.

  11. Matthew Wilson says:

    I really liked this topic because I wrote a paper on this earlier this semester. I agree that cell phones are a major distraction in today's society. Voice over, text, and pictures went really well together. Great job.

  12. Marion Reese says:

    I enjoyed this video because everybody is addicted to cell phones and it's ruining many lives today and not many people realize it. Awesome video

  13. MrClancyt says:

    The VO work in this video is OUTSTANDING! The emotive quality and stress in your voiceover was phenomenal and made this video a joy to watch. Lots of good info, and it's good to see people recognising a lot of the dangers of something relatively early in its lifespan. Technology is great, and makes our lives easier, but I think many people ignore or don't seem to notice how distracting it can be.

  14. Jamie Teague says:

    Cell Phones really are becoming a major part of people's lives nowadays. I really like this topic and I think it should be addressed. You did a great job with this video. The voice over went great with the pictures and the changes in music helped establish a more serious tone when necessary.

  15. Nick Wagner says:

    Cell phones really are a distraction in the classroom. I notice personally if I am in a class and I’m texting I can recall almost nothing from the discussion. At my high school we had a no cell phone policy and it was enforced very strictly. I liked all the video clips that were in the video.

  16. Ruth Ledo says:

    Cell phones is definitely a distraction because I am getting distracted all the time since I got an iphone. I think its bad to text and drive because not only are you hurting yourself but you are hurting people around you. Texting someone and calling them is a distraction.

  17. Thomas Cofer says:

    Awesome video. I loved how you put it in perspective and did a very good job explaining how texting has consumed all of us.

  18. Alec Brown says:

    Great video! I think cell phones have become a huge distraction. Your picture with the all the teens’ texting at the dinner table and not talking to each other at all hit home with me. I cannot stand when I’m eating with people and everyone is texting and not present in the conversation.

  19. Rhiannon Lane says:

    I never really thought about it like this. It does affect our relationships and it does lead to car accidents and failing grades. We do it because we love our technology and yeah, we don't use it correctly. If we learn to use our phones periodically and not all the time we can use all our free time to actually have a life!

  20. Anna Mclean says:

    This is such a great video!! You are very good with your technology on iMovie! The voice overs were perfect and the pictures were great! Awesome job!