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They don’t cause cancer and they don’t even cause tumors in rats. STOP. STOP I DON’T CARE WHAT CNN SAYS STOP

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  1. J Zerballs says:

    Using cell Phones make you live longer?

  2. claudiaquat says:

    Cellphones have cooties. You can't explain that.

  3. RottingintheMidwest says:

    i wish cell phones caused cancer.

  4. logicalempiricist says:

    Thunderf00t needs to step in and fucking do a real video.

  5. Mark Susskind says:

    You & your mom should go in good health. Gey gezunterheyt!

  6. Jafafa Hots says:

    Cell phones ARE cancer.

  7. Professional (Subterranean Basketweaver) says:

    Well technically nothing 'causes' cancer.

    However, hundreds of studies have been done to prove that cellphones DO in fact increase the risk for cancer.

    So much so that the UK at one point prevented Disney from selling the cell phones that Disney was marketing to children. (As at the time, there was a study which was done to show that cell phones increase the risk for cancer in children by 8 times more than adults).

    Again, there are dozens of studies that show this… rather silly to dismiss evidence.

  8. Natasha Taylor says:

    Let's not forget that the smallest dose of radiation that they exposed the rats to was 1.5 W/kg; that's a ludicrous amount of power (comparable to the amount you get from food), and not at all remotely similar to the dose you'll get from a mobile.

  9. deraj991 says:

    u gotta have your mom on here

  10. aayy lmao says:

    why dont feminist belong in japan?
    Japan hunts whales.

  11. OtherGonzo says:

    Reminds me of a study years ago that showed that of people with brain tumors 50% of them were on the side they used their cell phone on.
    When I mentioned this to people who thought cell phones caused tumors they thought this added to their argument.

  12. LegoDaleks says:

    Have you thought about being more conscious in your choice of photos for your video thumbnails? Maybe taking the extra time to find photos with less conventional looking models in them?

  13. Dawg Manila says:

    you had me at f*** you.

  14. Lupitamihita says:

    Thank you Rebecca.

  15. greenghost2008 says:

    They don't cancer but they doe cause autism. (joke)

  16. Daniel Reynolds says:

    I'm honestly not happy with what you're doing here. I mean, at this rate you're going to debunk all the sensationalist article headlines on news sites and less people will fall for them. Then how are all these companies supposed to get clicks from scared users?

    Think of the news companies will ya. They are the real victims in all this.

  17. bizzee1 says:

    I'm going to stick my head in a microwave oven right now, so I can live forever!

  18. trillest says:

    rebecca my mom saw this on tv and made me watch

  19. tetsubo57 says:

    But chemtrails are still totality a thing, right?