Cell Phones In Church

One church’s light-hearted response to annoying cell phones ringing during services.

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14 Responses to Cell Phones In Church

  1. Mary Therese McCool says:

    Bring it on!!!!!

  2. Faith Wilson-Powell says:

    love it!!

  3. Ayla Whitaker says:

    omg that's hilarious XD

  4. tcl82463 says:

    Lol that is funny. Even Jesus would get a chuckle out of that. Talk about getting smoted…whammo!

  5. Greg Verellen says:


  6. Glen Tindal says:

    A lot of churches need these rules LOL

  7. Squirrel36 says:

    Remember, folks! Unless it's The Lord calling your phone, don't touch it!

  8. xphile1067 says:

    This is my Church. Mike, I love when people mention this video to me, or email it to me, because I can say "hey, I go there!" or "I know the guy that made it!" :)

  9. Daniel Kenison says:

    For my friends in ministry, I thought you might appreciate the humor in this little video…. ha, ha, ha,

  10. Nehemiah Nowlen says:

    "Do you hear me now?"

  11. Jacob Dronzin says:

    Lame. Should've been narrated by Morgan Freeman.

  12. james snow says:

    my phone went off and my church is full of black ppl my ring tone was like my nigga  nigga omfg I was so embarrassed

  13. Dianne Renick says:

    This is hilarious, and I agree totally! I admit I'm not a church goer, but cell phones don't belong in church, or any other public gathering for that matter.  The vibrate feature is in every phone…use it!