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19 Responses to Cellphone Radiation, Wi-fi Internet Cancer, Cell Phones Health, Electromagnetic Radiation

  1. RBLX Sheep says:

    This video is poorly made by a poor people to get money.

  2. thedevilISALIE says:

    Silent weapons for quiet wars…they are killing us on purpose!!!…look up their Luciferian agenda on the stone tablets in Georgia. The goal is to kill 90% of the human population. We are living in the END times literally. JESUS CHRIST is our only hope and savior. We are in a spiritual battle for our souls. The 'scientific community' aka Luciferian worshipers are literally bringing forward their beast any day now probably after a "major earthquake or atomic bomb'…Their anti-Christ will emerge disguised as a compassionate and caring figure pretending to be loving, but is anything but. The whole world has been celebrating its coming with blood sacrifices, parades, and festivities. If you look up any recent parades or parties in any country you will see it. PLEASE save yourselves! Make sure you are right with the True Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ.

  3. Martin Muzik says:

    Idiots… How does fucking non-ionizing radiation damage DNA?? The radiation is low power, but it has a long wavelength, that's why it penetrates wood and stuff, because radiation penetrates things, it's not alpha or beta particles. This isn't a danger, nor a carcinogenic risk… This can't .

  4. ŚŐΜξòπξρίĊ says:

    3:17, you're right they did do research.
    They found that it does nothing.

  5. Thunder FirePower says:

    outdated crap video only ionizing radiation can cause cancer so stop spreading bullshit.

  6. akio 00711 says:

    Seeing this video for 5 minutes on my smartphone makes me feel sick…….. But everything you do, see, hear, taste, smell has positive as well as negative effects on our body……. We cannot expect our surrounding to be totally harmless….. We die any way, that's a fact at least for now

  7. Mikeal Karlsson says:

    Everybody need to gets some orgonites that will protect from all radiation and even stop cancer

  8. Elaine St. Denis says:

    shared on Google+

  9. Ray Slipatchuk says:

    Certainly more dangerous than Climate Control … Our Government should focus on what is harming the kids at this time.

  10. Eirimas Sestakauskas says:

    how ironic we are using wifi to wathch this vid oh yeah and some bunch of YouTube channels evryday

  11. Adam Coleman says:

    SOFT KILL 101

  12. Michael Anthony Shaneyfelt says:
  13. gangigirl1 says:

    "Technological progress is like an ax in the hands of a pathological criminal."
     – Albert Einstein

  14. abbas ali says:


  15. movie “themovieman302” madness says:

    I don't believe anything I hear. So agreeing with this somewhat is very new

  16. movie “themovieman302” madness says:

    If its dangerous we should get ride of it then

  17. michelle hay says:

    i loved the operation presentation, great visual. 

  18. Raymond Doetjes says:

    Omg… This is such a propaganda video and the sciences is lacking.

    It's obvious that no RF engineer or physicist have been included in the making of this video. WiFi signals transmit at 2.4GHz but with a power of about 40mW by the time it's out of the antenna I measure -30dBm that is 0.000001W it is not even enough to cause molecules to move.
    Secondly non-ioning radiation does only that, move molecules about (the whole molecule) but there's no evidence that it mutates DNA; and logical too because there's not enough power to break the strong molecular bond.

    The symptoms listed here are so general they apply to anyone. And you seem to forget that in the 50s everything was extremely high power because they only had basic demodulation techniques and did have directional antennas. Outputs these days are significantly lower. Even compared to the 1990s — they have to be otherwise your LiPo would be empty after 30 minutes of calling.
    Also the higher the frequency the easier it gets absorbed.

    This is the same scare that people were given about radiation.