Cellphones Put Rare Mountain Gorilla in Danger

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11 Responses to Cellphones Put Rare Mountain Gorilla in Danger

  1. DaniEu says:

    checkout my channel animal lovers

  2. Kyoto Dark says:

    30 second ad for a 30 second video

  3. NotRoyJonesJr says:

    What happens when you put a kid with a cellphone into a gorilla enclosure at the zoo?

  4. Shoes says:

    It's nice to see more and more companies thinking about the environment.

  5. killerpossum195 says:

    This is the story of the original Donkey Kong game. An ape snatched the wife of one of the miners, so the miner has to climb up and save her. He has to dodge barrels full of minerals thrown by the ape.

  6. AbbieJolie says:

    Yea for Gorilla Safe mines!

  7. [ŚKŚ] Ninja Playz says:


  8. Tyler plays games . says:

    1st like and dis like if u care lol

  9. Jonathan Lee says:

    I think retard parents who let their kids run off on their own kill the gorillas

  10. Faith Frost / Jackie Branch says:

    technology is another type of evil

  11. Mohammad Moussa says: