China, How it is – Cellphones / Mobile phones

How to buy a sim card, use and recharge your mobile phone in China, which network to choose and how to do it, everything you need to know about mobile/cell phones in China.

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20 Responses to China, How it is – Cellphones / Mobile phones

  1. Indira A says:

    "The better the number the higher the price" – Cheap me will be stuk with number 44444444 if I ever get a Chinese number :)

  2. SoyMejorQueTu says:

    This was recorded almost 3.5 years ago. Thing have changed too much since then?

  3. Katie Prescott says:

    You can just use the mobile top up option on wechat – so much more convenient!

  4. 2112 says:

    ok then… so this sim / plan is an equivalent of pay as you go? and im guessing contracts also exist?

  5. Sluup Dawg says:

    Very interesting.

  6. Dongsu says:

    There is an alternative way to recharge, that is using the Taobao or the Carrier's offical website, where you may get like 2%or something off for recharge, not much but still worth to save; there is a section people can have direct access to; you may have your translator ready, if you feel some language issues though;

  7. wikct2 says:

    Wow the place you are showing in the video looks much better than many places I went in Taipei.

  8. wikct2 says:

    I find that in China it is much more convenience than it is in Taiwan. I can open bank account in China with foreign passport and I could not do that in Singapore or Taiwan.

  9. trooperwon says:

    Hello Serpentza, can you call U.S.A with that sim card???

  10. Yas Mug says:

    nowt wrong someone helping you stop being paranoid.

  11. Airong Lei says:

    Nice job. Always loved your clips. Very helpful. Thanks. I have many old phones and an Android. Guess it may work in China, but what would be my phone number then?

  12. MikesHDVideos says:

    Is buying SIM cards in China the same today as it was when you did this video? My wife has a Nexus 4 which will mostly be used for voice. I have a Nexus 5 & interested is lots of 3G data, we will be arriving early Oct for about 6 week stay. Appreciate SIM card advice. Great videos.

  13. Porsche Matt says:

    The only US phone service I would use in China would be T-Mobile. They offer unlimited talk, SMS, and data on international (not domestic) roaming…

  14. 1bentley4ever says:

    That is pretty much how I bought minutes and mobile data for my phone when I was in the Arabian Gulf (Oman). Two carriers to choose from. You can buy charge cards at cold stores (liquor stores with no booze) or hypermarkets. No questions asked for minute cards but buying SIM cards and mobile data required a passport.

  15. 何峰源 says:

    you think china phone is rubbish? huawei ,you may take a look

  16. The Shadow Broker says:

    Awesome Video Thanks So Much!

  17. hang zhao says:


  18. Ronald Ectoplasm says:

    this  is so annoying, why cant you stand still while filming

  19. Dogapart says:

    Sometime kinda bored watching video for 15- 20 minutes, hard to wait till the end but I watched your videos one after one after one after but never tired of it and don't feel like wait until the end too. still keep watching it. Thanks for the video.

  20. Francis “Frank from Boston” Meloski says:

    Great video.