Classic Cell Phones

Classic Cell Phones Compilation and Review
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10 Responses to Classic Cell Phones

  1. Mr. Lolo says:

    Can someone tell me which Nokia phone had the capability of recording your phone calls?

    I remember prank calling my pops and recording his feactions

  2. Omar Osama says:

    he sounds like a really awkward but super nice guy , nice taste in cell phones

  3. Mostafa Alhosiny says:


  4. townsjim says:

    You can also use the volume rocker to play the Tetris game on the Ericsson T28, in case you didn't know ;)

  5. townsjim says:

    The Ericsson T28 had different sized batteries available for it, it looks like the one you have has the biggest one. I had one myself back in the day and the battery that came with it was much thinner.

  6. rooge Matt says:

    brilliant cell phones mate … you must keep hold of them …. They are very rare and will be worth a lot of money !!!!!!!!! I've got loads of old mobile phones and I'm keeping them …. I'm still useing a Nokia 5.1 on the Orange network still takes a 2g sim

  7. Adrián Alcón Żurawka says:

    If you like retro cell phones, I think you should visit my channel ;)

  8. Clous von says:

    I grew up with these phones … but I hated them .. lol they were to difficult for kids and never fit in your pocket well 

  9. MrMatt127 says:

    I've been trying to get a Startac 8000g is your available?

  10. Вячеслав Юрьевич Пынзарь says:

    Love STAR TAC too. Very very good review. You Call some nostalgia of old good times. I remember those special feeling, when you want exact this model a long time, and then get it… It's fantastic feeling, now it's BMW 4series ))) maybe… ))
    Keep the same, it's interesting…