CNET Top 5: Awful cell phones

CNET Top 5:  Awful cell phones

It’s hard to find a bad cell phine these days– unless you buy one of these.

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17 Responses to CNET Top 5: Awful cell phones

  1. gen ji says:

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  2. Delectrik Diamond says:

    Who puts an ad in their video?

  3. Angel Holbrook says:

    ZTE usually make good phones. I've had a couple and they were pretty nice.

  4. Nathan Comunale says:

    hey fuck u! the motarola is a masterpiece! im texting with it not! lose weight fat fingers! seriously go fuck urself u prick!

  5. VMF says:

    And my iPhone 4S is also s***

  6. VMF says:

    Nokia ngage is awful for calling

  7. Sho' Nuff says:

    I have an iPhone 6…. and I think is the worst phone ever

  8. Dawson Bloodworth says:

    #1 should be the lg tribute the keyboard is too small it doesnt have subtitles so if you cant hear well your screwed and its a cheap ass peice of plastic with the shittiest phone motor in it ever

  9. MichaelD8393 says:

    0:15 to skip to the real video, you're welcome.

  10. Darth Dad says:

    I've seen A Samsung flip phone under my garage 

  11. MAME Arcade says:

    My friend had a custom flipout back in 2009

  12. David Askew says:

    Cupcake?! Really are you blind dell?!

  13. Daniel Lennon says:

    I had #3 :O

  14. Zeeshawn Ahmad says:

    Lol this guy is hilarious….. :D

  15. 4thelevator says:

    I think this retard is stuck up. Because He is all naggy about slowness and blah blah blah features. What an idiot.

  16. nationofmillions says:

    motorola flip off, to their customers with that first phone

  17. Andrew Truong says:

    this d0uche is pretty funny :D