CNET Top 5 – Phones with highest radiation
If you’re concerned about cell phone radiation, here are the phones to avoid.
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20 Responses to CNET Top 5 – Phones with highest radiation

  1. joshua paradise says:


  2. Lee O says:

    2014 android phones were shit.

  3. AlphaSierra says:

    F..k motorola!

  4. gabyu says:

    To reduce exposure to RF energy, use a hands-free option, such as the speakerphone, headphones, or other similar accessories. Carry phone at least 5mm away from your body to ensure exposure levels remain at or below the as-tested levels.

  5. #DavidRulesAtPvp 9 says:

    crap my phone is the number 1 ohh no

  6. StonedSage420 says:

    Anyone who thinks that any type of Radiation is harmless deserves to be slapped. Most If not all Radiation is dangerous to humans, especially The ones used for X-rays and microwaves. One of the most deadly types is Gamma radiation which wrecks major havoc on your body even if it is absorbed in the smallest amounts, another scary thing is that radiation builds up over time so the person who uses there cellphone 16 hours a day is more likely to get cancer than a person who use their phone for 10 hours a day because the radiation from the 6 hours builds up and adds to the 10 hours due to how long it takes for radiation to leave our bodies.

  7. Dat NguyenThe says:

    What is all this BS? What kind of radiation are we even talking about? As far as I can tell, cell phones do not emit any kind of radiation in the visible spectrum (well, unless we turn on the screen or flash light) or above the visible spectrum. That leaves the infrared and below, which is harmless. It either passes right through your body or gets absorbed, which might cause the tissue to perhaps heat up by a minuscule amount.

  8. Ray Mon says:

    So any new ones for 2016?

  9. NeZversTutorials says:

    FFS there is reason there is limit of radiation, so it would be safe to use without fear of REAL radiation problems than touch of radiaton to your skin surface and dissolving in minute.

  10. Epic Blue “Blue” Rebels says:

    I bought a $200 iPhone 6 Plus for 200 of normal price on contract

  11. peter markoli says:

    does any one know about samsung galaxy core prime

  12. crunchybobjones says:

    "if ur a hypochondriac" .. someone needs to learn a little bit about RF and the human body… and just remember anything above 30 MHZ can be dangerous

  13. Todor Pavlovic says:

    Cela Srbija je radioaktivna zbog vas smradovi americki (:

  14. A Miller says:

    which rating should I worry about more?? Head or Body???

  15. Rick James says:

    Um … you can customize the phone looks for the Alcatel.

  16. YoLiGe says:

    So, motorolas? We're safe.

  17. Paopaowell Pao says:

    hey where is my iphone ??

  18. Alex Ballantine says:

    Whew! I with the Moto G 2nd Gen at the moment soo I'm safe!

  19. The Oddfather II says:

    I use the "HV-800" Bluetooth headset isn't so bad right?

  20. Luca Tenti says:

    My old galaxy note 2 was 0.28 that's really low and my s6 is 1.25 its still pretty good