CNET Top 5 – Toughest smartphones
Need a phone that can take a beating? Here are five smartphones that can take anything you can throw at them.

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20 Responses to CNET Top 5 – Toughest smartphones

  1. aidan cowie says:

    Droid turbo 2 needs to be on here.

  2. Everardo Paz says:

    I have glaxay 7

  3. ChopsGFX says:

    Motorola Droid Turbo 2 is the best. I watched TechRax's video on it. IT'S COOL.

  4. SpongeSquid 0444 says:

    What about Droid Turbo 2?

  5. Alex Alex says:

    thats not true samsung galaxy active is most weak phone ,i had one befor

  6. Tyler Lim says:

    so those are 5 phone that are so tough that they can bit the I phone ass

  7. Garrett Hale says:

    Any Nokia phone

  8. Ana says:

    Not any member of the Xperia range should be on these things. The "waterproofing" only works before the dust flaps fall off after two weeks, and drop it from 2 ft and it's dead. One minuscule hairline crack and the screen won't work.

  9. thegolden archer says:

    droid turbo 2 MAN

  10. Martin the Roaster says:

    iPhone 7 might be tough

  11. Thomas Islay says:

    Anybody know where I can find a good rugged phone thatHas a good cameraDurableLightweightSmallish
    I was thinking about the galaxy s5 active

  12. Asian says:

    what kind of brand is verykool lmao

  13. danny kickerz says:

    My dad youst to have a Samsung galaxy 5 active

  14. Alex Santander says:

    Has anyone noticed they showed a stock pic of a galaxy s4 active instead of a s5 active?

  15. azrose 123 says:

    What about the Nokia 3310

  16. Brian Brooks says:

    I own a Kyocera hydro air

  17. RazorSharpTek says:

    watchin this on my s6 active…. i thought there would be competition lol jk jk
    unbox therapy played hockey with this phone omg

  18. CocoCookiesJ GT says:

    I Watch Xperia Z2 On The List With My Xperia Z2

  19. Deadly Rottweiler says:


  20. Mr_waffles2003 1 says:

    the Kyocera brigidier is I lie I'm typing this from it and mine shatterd I've had 8 of them all have broken not so though