CNN Explains: Cell phones and radiation

You love your cell phone, but is it emitting radiation that could be harmful? CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains.

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17 Responses to CNN Explains: Cell phones and radiation

  1. Richard Gao says:

    In my opinion, this video doesn't explain the whole story about cell phones and radiation. Cell phones typically use radiowaves as a method of communication (e.g. waves from the radio tower reach the phone and vice versa) and this is generally how you are able to call other people on your phone. Radiowaves are in the lowest frequency range in the electromagnetic radiation spectrum (gamma rays have the highest, and visible light is in the middle). As a simple explanation, the amount of energy that an EMR wave carries is directly proportional to its frequency, so the higher the frequency the higher the amount of energy. Since radiowaves have lower frequency than even visible light, this means that they exhibit energy levels which are less than the sunlight we receive everyday. So if you're scared about dying from cell-phone radiation, guess you shouldn't be going outside either.

    I am not saying that cell phones are not posing a greater risk to human health, but rather that the radiowaves which are emitted from your cellphone is hardly the main cause of "the harmful effects."

  2. fibsernum30 says:

    I am no scientist nor doctor. All I know is that I alternated sides carrying my cell phone in my front pants pockets, and a couple of years ago spontaneous raw sores began appearing on my outer thighs where the cell phone had rested in various pants pockets.

    Neither my internist nor dermatologist had a plausible answer (dry skin?, rubbing? – I carry a large pocket knife which causes no sores). For some reason they dismissed the cell phone as a suspect. I finally stopped carrying my phone in my front pockets six months ago – no sores since!

    By any rational standard there is strong evidence that the cell phone was the culprit. I find this very disturbing and don't understand why definitive research has not been done.

  3. Super Attackzz says:

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  4. TheReclaimerRx7 says:

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  5. Manpreet Heer says:


  6. Nikki Ralston says:

    dowload TAWKON app – its great for letting you know when radiation exposure is high an reminds you to talk safely

  7. Imnaught Aphool says:

    Not true Gupta. They actually DO know microwaves used for cell phones harm you. Military documents make it clear they are the sector which created these weaponized frequencies in the first place, to kill, maim, fast or slow. Russia under Putin has developed microwave oven frequencies as fully lethal weapons.

  8. Imnaught Aphool says:

    People inadvertently grant "Authority" consent to harm them. BACKWARDS: Utilities & telecom corporations are GIVEN immunity from ALL liability by statutory laws created by corrupt governments you elect, which shelter corporations from you. Take back any consent you have inadvertently given away. Claim/reclaim your rights, the ones you have had all along. Use common law to refuse s/meters. It's the foundation of all English law. Go to BC freedom then word press then com & click on DOCUMENTS

  9. Imnaught Aphool says:

    “Let me be very clear. The Industry has NOT said once, not ONCE, that cell phones are safe.” – Dane Snowden, vice president & representative of the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) at a safety legislation hearing in California. Every single smart meter is 40X stronger than a cell phone, surrounds the occupants in the structure, makes the home a microwave oven w/ occupants as the meat slow cooking in it. Take back your life & power. Use common law to refuse forced danger.

  10. Imnaught Aphool says:

    Not hard to test the radiation field around each user. Microwaves slow cook your brain. Far more retrogressive than the trendy foot x-ray machines they used to have in shoe stores. Cell phone users rapidly become physically addicted, cognitively impaired, suffer memory loss, early dementia, neurodegenerative decline, nerve & muscle diseases, autism Parkinson's, MS.
    Generation X-Ray's well on the way to Generation Brain Damaged. This is literally a NO BRAINER. Go cold turkey before it's too late

  11. Imnaught Aphool says:

    Holding a cell phone away from the head ignores the rest of the frequedncy equation, namely the triangulation of frequencies from all the cell towers pulled into the area by the cell phone. En route, the towers send frequencies through the brains &bodies of the cell user & others all around each cell user.Keeping phones one inch away from a brain that runs on bio-electricity is dangerous. Using an ear bud is even worse since this creates an antenna to direct frequencies deeper into the brain.

  12. Micic00 says:

    "Electro sensitive"? You couldn't come up with something better could you?

  13. JoseCleveland says:

    Radiation though? ??

  14. JoseCleveland says:

    Didn't they have old film from 1940s or something…that showed silent movies & a woman walking with an object. They say it looked like a cell phone.

    Same years: Hitler spoke to a Candi from NY and aired it everywhere. (money scandal is suspected today since she was born in 1961/Buffalo NY/ Mercy Hosp. to the feds fbi). Same era I think and computers were upcoming. upcoming and not seen.
    As far as info misuse: yes, that can be any asset used bad. We believe in the USA Constitution.

  15. Katzelle3 says:

    Well, I have a Galaxy Note 2. Hah! Take that, suckers and enjoy your cancer!

  16. Alex Peiser says:

    Even though this is a very serious problem, there are more problems with phones, such as texting. Are phones even worth talking on?

  17. Isidro Garcia says:

    Sometimes people actually use their phones,

    other times people use their phones either to apparently-text in case they walk by someone they don't wanna talk to


    they hold their phone to their ear to apparently-talk to someone, probably cuz they won't look alone.
    If that's not the case, then idk why.