Cops Tracking Us Through Our Cell Phones

“The New York Times did a piece on how law enforcement agencies throughout the country are now using cell phones to spy on us. So a lot of you already know about this right but the interesting part about this is the regulation differ from one county to another.” Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian give discuss this amazing story.

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20 Responses to Cops Tracking Us Through Our Cell Phones

  1. Ailen Walsh says:

    If anyone wants to learn about what is the best cell phone spy software try SpyToMobile (just google it )

  2. Mike Smith says:

    I'm in Mesa,Arizona where a police helicopter kept hovering low over my house. I finally got tired of it and gave them the finger. I noticed that since then I am getting followed around by the helicopters. I figured out they are following my cellphone using a "Stingray",or whatever other devices they use now.They'll also do low passes over my house at 2 or 3am. I can't believe they are allowed to harass people like that. This has been going on for months. I imagine the fuel and man hour cost they have gone through already. But they got money to burn.

  3. Aftermath Survive says:

    why do yall care when the police are protecting us and even though you bash cops the young turks should be banned you bitches that are pussys for the liberal media

  4. don carson says:

    all the conspiracy guys were worried about them micro-chipping the population, but they just don't need to the smartphones give them GPS, YOUR CALL LISTS, FRIENDS, AUDIO AND VIDEO OF YOUR LIFE and people post any shit they might miss on their facebook pages  Orwell was right, he was just off by 30 yrs. everyone has handheld mobile telescreens

  5. don carson says:

    The powers that be wiped their ass with our constitution a long time ago

  6. Honey Mohamed says:

    So don't take your mobile with you… Very dangerous this kind of tracking because there are many psychos in rhis world, and we have many in Egypt…

  7. Simon Ross says:

    Don`t waste your time and efforts trying to find another reverse phone in the search engines. utilize ~Detectivephone. ORG- and you will probably amazed.

  8. eab750 says:

    so don't get a cell phone

  9. BERTH WELKER (legendary!) says:

    Fuck the media

  10. Mamahnita Combs says:

    This should only be accepted when there is a kidnapping, runaway teen, missing person or terrorist threat, massive drug dealer going down.

  11. Ovidiu Moldovan says:

    America , the greatest military state !!! Enjoy living there !!:))

  12. BUGZY FANG says:

    Blah! CATZ CLAW!!!

  13. katten mammamau says:

    If the world looks like this coz peeple don't know what a human being naturalLy is, what she eats n how many times they need to b taken 4 a walk… Then can u figure out the equations on "picture this" having alL that research material 4 … Peace on earth? Nah! To invent more neurotic control systems. Feed fear! Raise your offer if u wanna speak! Free is only a word n an idealistic misinterpretation of its definition.

  14. Thelongmanable says:

    Cops are nothing more than spies for federal government! Note 50 cops write 2 tickets a day at 200 dollars a ticket multiply by 365 days in a year 7 million 300 thousand. Quota is actually 15 tickets a day so 50 cops for a city makes around 54 million dollars! COPS HAVE TO MUCH POWER AND MONEY! LOL equipment is pennies to them in cost!

  15. Thelongmanable says:

    Note anything can be used to be a targeted subject!

  16. Thelongmanable says:

    Obama said in a speech that government doesn't care about our every day to day activity and we shouldnt worry about them watching us. NOTE HE LOOKS AWAY WHEN SAYING IT SIGN OF LYING AND THIS PROVES HE IS A LIAR!

  17. Thelongmanable says:

    We need someone to Sue Government for allowing violation of our constitutional RIGHTS!

  18. CryptoDriver says:

    If you only knew what you didn't know. I know this is Youtube, and so all I will say is this, even though I owe you nothing, and you owe me nothing: I know from whence I speak. I've forgotten more about this particular subject than you'll likely ever know. Now, you have a nice day, y'hear?

  19. SouthDFWrep says:

    Truly clueless statement.

  20. JM Realty says:

    If the young turks care about this issue, then stop defending the anti-constitution people. Obama is the worst offender, and has shred our constitution. Stop being his attack dog!