CREO Mark 1 Unboxing & First Look – PhoneRadar

Here’s the First Look & the First Unboxing of the CREO Mark 1 Smartphone. Check out all the specifications of this Phone at
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19 Responses to CREO Mark 1 Unboxing & First Look – PhoneRadar

  1. Vishnu Amara says:

    Who in the world will expect the power button to be in between the volume rockers? Generally it will either be on the top of the volume rockers or at the bottom. Thats the standard design.

  2. Rafael Zamora says:

    Lower the volume just bit for the music

  3. Naman G says:

    cheap camera sound…

  4. Abhinav Prakash says:

    stop chewing words first of all

  5. namychhabra says:

    Freedom251 is better than this

  6. Palash Max says:

    How much is heating?
    Is loudspeaker audio volume good?

  7. Avik Das says:

    I liked your review but that phone looks so ordinary for 20k price-tag

  8. Jashn arora says:

    Does this phone has gorilla glass??

  9. Deboprasad chakraborty says:

    android lollipop for 20k…?? omg!

  10. Antonin Brunet says:

    magnificgnt. what's up/ look young what's your opinion about !!

  11. Nishchint Chawla says:

    Put your camera on Manual focus mode. Adjust the focus and then record. Whatever camera you are using, has a terrible auto focus, half of the video the camera is struggling to focus on phone.. It becomes irritating… Also make sue of the audio issues next.. Other than than nice effort with the video.

  12. Shamsul Arifeen says:

    battery mAH ? I couldn't understand ur speech

  13. Ashvin Patel says:

    भाई मस्त विडिओ पर आवाज में प्रोब्ल्मे है या आप के नेरेसन में कुछ पता नहीं नहीं चला .. आप की आवाज "मियुचल फंड इस सब्जेक्ट तो मार्किट रिस्क " जेसे आ रहा है

  14. sanket bhor says:

    this is made in india

  15. Gurunath Walavalkar says:

    dont review such phones please Sir

  16. Jayaditya Chakrabarty says:

    Hey Amit, don't you feel that the phone is a bit overpriced and also, a fingerprint scanner onboard could be something good for a flagship device like this!!!

  17. Naga Raj says:

    How about sounds is it loud ??

  18. Lorem Ipsum says:

    I won't go for this even for 9999..