Do Cell Phones Cause Brain Tumors?

Inspired by this article by Prof. Emily Oster:
Check out Audible:
Featuring Physics Girl:

Special thanks to Chris Gale and Physics Girl for filming this video.

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20 Responses to Do Cell Phones Cause Brain Tumors?

  1. Alex Stefanov (umnikos) says:



  2. Legion Long says:

    I hope your conclusion based upon the consistency of cancer statistics, is right. I hope so.

  3. vril ya says:

    stop it IMMEDIATELY. i have just spoke for 3 hours on a cellphone and i feel like i kept my head in the microwave oven. after only few mins i already feel my brain heating up and then it hurts, so i had to change sides all the time. just get a extension cable. don't ever put a cell phone on your head again.

  4. Xander Hawkins says:

    The people you are reviewing are SO STUPID.

  5. melodicdreamer72 says:

    I am still not going to put my cell phone in my pant's pocket…next to my…

  6. Brandon Cawley says:

    Im on my phone 24/7!!! Am i going to die?!

  7. Soham Banerjee (Seraph) says:

    Good to hear.

  8. Shaheer Syed says:

    3 in 100,000?It's a higher chance than dying in a plane crash *winks*

  9. Andi Toredo says:


  10. Virtex says:

    And unfortinately people are trying to earn a lot of money by making people think that non-ionizing radiation is really bad for your health.
    Recent examples (in the netherlands) are personalFloww or Bureau Straling Meten and many more =/

  11. Jacob Pressel says:

    Phew I was freaking out in the beginning lol

  12. wethezan says:

    Thanks. I'm going to show my mom

  13. NEOSOLAIRIS says:

    The tower still has to send a signal to a cell phone much further than u tho

  14. Vince Ambrogio says:

    Through the course of this video I turned the airplane mode on and off my phone like 4 times.

  15. Analytical Justice says:

    Look up Gwen towers cell towers have more than enough power to supply just cell reception but there's a darker reason behind this.

  16. Latest Of Tech says:

    5:10 The kid in the background xD

  17. XMighty Gaming says:

    wear helmet while using cell phone. Problem solved!

  18. Boeviper says:

    Oh wow you were in lane cove! I wish I'd known

  19. Jay Goldie says:

    Here's another consideration. have average call times and frequency of calls increased. while we are on our phones and cellular devices more than ever, when we aren't taking a call we're facebooking, tweeting, surfing the web. these activities don't place the phone close to the head. Is this variable relevent to the research?

  20. Not my real name says:

    I just got a anti mobile scare from abccatalyst, good to know there's a much better video on the subject