Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer? Probably, but It’s Complicated
Quote “Cellphones probably cause cancer if the exposure is close enough, long enough, and in sufficient magnitude. We don’t yet know the risk for a given level of exposure in humans. We need more data in this area, not only for cellphones, but for bluetooth devices, wifi and all the other RF-EMF devices out there. Until then, reduce your exposure whenever possible. ”
NTP Speaks about Cell Phone Radiation
Cancer on call: New study links cell phones to cancer in rats
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  1. Vmoore28 says:

    Are Bluetooth's just as bad or a little better to use??

  2. Little Scar says:

    lol And to think I was about to walk into MetroPCS yesterday to get a phone after being phoneless for something like 5yrs. Had an anxiety attack just thinking about having a cellphone again. So obviously I didn't get one! thumbs up

  3. Dominick Galvani says:

    Like the radiadtion from Chernobyl cancer blooms decades later. This is what is going to happen with cell phone users who have it up to their head all the time. Watch 20 to thirty years from now the explosion of brain cancer tumors.

  4. russell hall says:

    i remember people back in the day saying using laptop pcs caused cancer who knows as far as i know no studies about that has reach the headlines

  5. russell hall says:

    any studies on i phone watch ?

  6. Kelly flyinsulcer says:

    Project Camelot

  7. mikes2842 says:

    where there is money there is disregard for human health

  8. Witnext says:

    Great video Jeff. who knows what the future of tech will be and how it will change us. im with you on the studies. no one ever looks into the long term because that research cost too much $$$$.

  9. peacerebelgirl says:

    the best way to use cell phones is to talk with it on speaker, or text.
    wifi is damn dangerous too. as are smart meters. and all manner of emfs.

  10. Éric McBitchy says:

    What gonna happen to me, me living in a High Rise own the top floor and this Gay Village High Rise Apartment has 4 cell phone transmitters up on the roof, me worried it might give cancer to my dog and my pet rabbit :(

  11. Jonnathan Webber says:

    Are headphones that I wear while spending my time dangerous?

  12. claes middel says:

    Tes, This is real shit!, don even use any wifi!

    We are all affected by all antennas and by other users, and for evry G 3-4-5 they increase its get worse!

    Im a former computer-tek and engineer, and i never use them, i did in the beginning when it was no microwaves freq.(and then here in Sweden it was an issue then, but it silenced out)

    this is a slowmotion impact on humans and animals and all living stuff!

    smaller animals, it get right through, and some animals are more sensetive than others, like bees and butterflyes and many more smallbirds.

    Almost no butterflyes anymore and smallbirds are much less of, and this is bc the output antennas!
    But then we have the Chemtrails factor to count in, whitch one is it, or are they made to mix so the damage increase.
    Maybe that rat test must/should be done outside, amongst the chemtrails, for many years(but they dont live that long)

    Ppl. dont think a thing, nothing is for free, all ppl. walking around with their iphones, and all have high-speed internet connection, but dont ask,

    How can it be?????????????????

    How does this work???????????

    Why get poor ppl. thise for almost free ???????

    Immigrant get them for free ??????????(but those low-lifes cant be worse, as they put bicycle helmets on their kids, it cant be worse only better if they hit hard)

    So just look at those poor Zombies addicted to this Shit!

    They could have used other frequences and phones with antennas, also make it much more expensiv to use or whatever

    Also phone free Zones and much more

    There is soon not a spot on earth where you can get away from this shit!

    next is to build something into a mouantin down in a tunnel/cave or an underwater house some 10-20 feet down, would be perfect(there is a lot of other signals/freq that also affects you, but not underwater or deep in a mountin!

  13. Lord Poop-Head says:

    Your videos cause cancer too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  14. Bob and Weave says:

    That's why you all need to smoke/vape some well grown cannabis.

  15. Ghostly says:

    emf & rf radiation protection

  16. informationwarfare says:

    If you do use a phone, put it on speaker phone, and put it on a table in front of you. I wouldn't even hold the phone in my hand while speaking on it.

  17. Amano Murakumo says:

    they've known cell phones cause brain tumors since the 90s if not much earlier

  18. MastaKneeGrow323 says:

    I never take calls. If I do it's on speaker.

    If this is true I suggest everyone does the same

  19. Scott Wasinski says:

    Does anyone else sense a spiritual disturbance in this guys voice when he speaks? It gets at the nerves like Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones. It just seems to grind at the nerves. The cussing doesn't help at all, but the tone, it's like irritating to the spirit.