Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

Remember the last time you used your phone and it left a nice warm spot on your face? – Is that causing cancer? Michael Aranda tells you all about the radiation on your cell phone.

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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20 Responses to Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

  1. Stian Cubed says:

    I think SciShow has been bribed by the Illuminati to lie to us!

  2. Lucas Chamorro Tudurí says:

    While you can't ionize matter with photons below ~10eV, you can still heat what should not be heated, like a microwave. Anyway, if studies show no relation between cellphone use and cancer, then there's probably none.
    There's this though
    Since the brain is bioelectrical, and therefore susceptible to induction, the lower harmonics of the RF signal can induce parasitic signals into the brain and probably act as a low power jammer. It's probably minor and reversible, but I wouldn't call a parent dumb for not allowing his or her kid to use a phone for a long time.

  3. R Dreher says:

    radio: from radius, which means "spoke" in Latin, as in the spoke of a wheel. "Radio" or "radiation" just means anything that "radiates" out, ei goes out in every direction from a point, like the radii of a circle, like the spokes of a wheel.

    The sun's "rays" are from the same word, via French.

  4. Arnab Biswas says:


    Science is done by testing it tediously for over and over again for a long period of time, not by doing something once

  5. therealquade says:

    BlueTooth on the other hand, Uses MICROWAVES. Please cover that.

  6. Rosco Adam says:

    Sweet Vid Shared To My FB ;-)

  7. HiLesley-Ann Vlogs says:

    This actually eases my mind a bit :)

  8. Archie1Dash says:

    But does "Cellphone Towers" cause cancer?

  9. Robert Erwin says:

    Cell Phones do cause cancer, if you smoke them.

  10. SuppaTenshi says:

    Thank you guys, very informative videos. Love you all.

  11. Riccardo Siviero says:

    Do wi fi waves cause cancer?

  12. southstalk says:

    I think most of us knew cell phones don't cause cancer, voting for Trump will do that for the world lol

  13. SlimThrull says:

    It sorta depends on how strong the radiation is. If you're bombarded by infrared, you're not going to get cancer, but you may spontaneously combust.

  14. James Mitchell says:

    I love non-ionizing radiation.

  15. Braidborn says:

    what i would like to know, is sometimes when i get really sick, and cough up phlegm, the phlegm has a really weird almost indescribable taste to it, i am curious what causes the change, whether the actual sickness or something else, anyone else notice this?

  16. marc246152 says:

    OH MY GOD! Did this guy say what I thought he said? I could have sworn he said "studies have shown that it doesn't" (he did)
    Google "Dr Charlie Teo mobile phone". Just in case you don't know who he is, this is the neurosurgeon that when all other neurosurgeons say it can't be done, does it. THE BEST, bar none. He say's "mobile phones can double your chance of a brain tumor or cancer". I don't really care who you believe but DO NOT GIVE YOUR CHILD A MOBILE/CELL PHONE! Scishow must be sponsored by The Rothschilds.

  17. Aditya Manuwal says:

    A very important episode

  18. Mikanojo says:

    Yet another grand lunatic conspiracy is defeated… by science!
    Thank you science!

  19. boanice223 says:

    "People tend to remember incorrectly." What a nice way of saying people lie.

  20. Stephen Motroni says:

    Michael, I can deal with the streak in your hair, I can deal with the plugs in your ears, but I just want to hold you down, and shave that pedo puff off your chin, it grosses me out every episode you are in, forcing me to click away! PLEASE for the love of all that is holy, get rid of the face pubes!