Do Cell Phones Give You Cancer?

Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

2 billion people use cell phones every day. But how safe are these ubiquitous devices? Several people have begun legal cases claiming they contracted cancer from their phones. With scientists still studying the long-term effects of cell phones on health, the questions over their safety are still worth asking.

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18 Responses to Do Cell Phones Give You Cancer?

  1. NotQuiteFishFPS says:

    The Internet does

  2. Syed Imad says:

    Mobiles do not cause cancer because the radiation emitted from the mobiles are microwaves and these have large wavelength to the size of the DNA,but it can cause cataract

  3. Susan Curran - Geary says:

    Are tablets version Android Samsung ok and headphones

  4. CloveRoast says:

    Smartphones should be researched separately from phones in general. Most of the time I'm using my iphone to communicate with people I don't even need to make calls, let alone put the phone up to my ear.

  5. PremiumGamerMC says:

    I got a tumor in my hand lol jk.

  6. chicken bruhs says:

    I got a cancer ad before the video lol

  7. bbloby gameplay says:


  8. Yasss Queen says:

    Then use speaker phone

  9. Dr. Dill says:

    70% of 11 year old have phones. When I was 11 I kept in touch with my friends through club penguin.

  10. Matthew Schueler says:

    Mobile phones use radio waves, just like how actual radios use radio waves to transmit data. Not only would we have already seen the effects of increased exposure to radio waves already if this was true, the energy in radio waves is not high enough to cause cancer. There is more energy in visible light – reds, greens, blues, etc – that we experience constantly, and we don't get cancer from that.

  11. Peter Liu says:

    I never use a phone anyway, cancer or not. I'm old school homie. I do use a laptop tho.

  12. Manchester FC FTW says:

    So phones are the new cigarettes

  13. Arnar Er Besturson says:

    No. Idubbbz gives you cancer. Filthy Frank gives people cancer. Not cell phones.

  14. pingpong1138 says:

    Or we could just use our phones less

  15. Caryonix says:

    Mobile phone games give me cancer.

  16. Tornado_Emergency says:

    I do not see any plausible way as to how cell phones could cause cancer. Microwaves (which are what your cell phone emits) are far too low in frequency to break chemical bonds in DNA. The light we see is hundreds of thousands of times more energetic than cell phone radiation, and the uv rays we soak up when we are in the sun are millions of times stronger. But we certainly don't panic when a light is turned on, and, although we do need to wear sunscreen if we are out for a while, the thought of uv rays doesn't stop most of us from going outside. UV rays are the lowest frequency radiation known to cause cancer. Cell phone radiation is on the whole other end of the spectrum. To all of you reading this, please do not spread unnecessary fear without getting the facts first. If you can think of a way cell phone radiation can cause cancers, I'm all ears.

  17. KontryBoy706 says:

    so what if you only use your phone with headphones or on speaker phone?