Do cell phones really cause brain cancer?

Hold that call! A new study suggests that continued use of cell phones increases risk of brain cancer and tumors. But other studies fail to establish any connection at all. Worse yet, these conflicting studies prove more dubious when one takes a look at who funds them, who is responsible for peer-reviewing, and a host of other common factors that lead to faulty studies. RT America’s Manila Chan breaks this one down.

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18 Responses to Do cell phones really cause brain cancer?


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  2. Daniel Gyllenbreider says:

    TO LIVE causes cancer.

  3. Brulluhman says:

    I'm not going to use paper contracts. Safe the forest.

  4. roccoisawesome says:

    Doctors 40 years ago said cigarettes were healthy for you and backed it up with their 'research'….these sorts of misleadings will always happen so it's best to listen to your gut and be safe

  5. Bruce R says:

    Goldsmith study that investigates health effects from the Russians microwaving the American embassy in Russia: full text: "1) blood count changes, 2) evidence of somatic mutation, 3) impairment of reproductive outcomes, especially increased spontaneous abortion, and 4) increase in cancer incidence and mortality, especially of the hematopoietic system, brain, and breast. The author presents evidence that sufficient microwave exposures are associated with all four of these outcomes, concluding that the possible effects and their timings with respect to exposure are qualitatively similar to those on ionizing radiation."

  6. Bruce R says:

    too bad they didn't have a scientist talking about the study…so disappointed in Ed Schultz. And the reporter—keep playing candy crush—-excellent empty headed advice! As if she knows phones are safe until "proven" unsafe to her satisfaction. If phones are unsafe, but not proven so to her satisfaction–one is not safe playing mindless candy crush! Brain crushed already, that's what happens! RT really does talk out of both sides of its mouth…and arse. For science based info, RT should try this…as they have when reporting the dangers of microwaves elsewhere. The Russians know better than anyone else, how bout that American Embassy? Also, see the scientific study by Goldsmith about the Russian's microwaving the American Embassy and the illness that ensued. Keep in mind the levels in the embassy were only " between 0.6 and 9.5 GHz, 6-8 hours a day, 5 days a week, Each modulation was transmitted for only 48 hours or less. Average exposure per individual was between 2 and 4 years. Intensity range between 0.002 and 0.028 mW/cm2."

  7. BlankBrain says:

    It doesn't matter whether cell phones cause cancer or not. Many people enjoy them and rely on them too much to change their behavior. The greater risk is being distracted while driving or walking.

  8. Armesis P says:

    Cell phones and radio towers do. Those microwave towers are even worse, if you put a flourescent bulb beside the transmitter it actually lights up. Lets not forget experiments the soviet govt did where they purposely positioned a radio tower next to a kindergarten. It DID give them brain tumors. There was also a case in the UK where a man and his wife got breast cancer after a cellphone tower was placed almost outside their house, the courts did conclude it was the radio tower's fault and the telco did give him a settlement.

    Yes we kinda need cellphones, but there must be a balance. Personally i dont keep my cellphone close to me during the day, and when im sleeping, i either turn it off or put it into flight mode. I dont really give a shit if anyone needs to call me, the rest of the world be damned ")

  9. craig foulds says:

    I'm more confused now after listening to this than I was 5 minutes ago.

  10. Typical Racist Cracker says:

    Even if they don't I still don't put it anywhere near my head. I use a set of LG Tone Pro or earbuds or just answer with speaker phone.

  11. azazel G says:

    To hell with the phones. your more likely to die from all That GMO round up you eat you fat fucks. Now play your candy crush and eat a big mac In your jew-mcdonalds

  12. Ghost Protocol says:

    no MICROWAVE radiation is healthy…idiots!

  13. says:

    RT's Truthseeker show already confirmed they do cause cancer

  14. Donn Worry says:

    Duh it's microwave energy… You slowly cook your brain…

  15. Kmart Shop Smart says:

    Cell Phones dont give us Brain Cancer, but RT's videos do.

  16. MrLeon1701 says:

    em fields are not safe at any level.

  17. Sky W. says:

    After being in Field Sales for 15 years I now have a 2" scar on my left cheek and they had yo rebuild my left ear from Squamous Cell cancer. Sad

  18. Marco Dunn says:

    Do cell phones cause brain cancer? Gee I dunno do bullets cause gaping holes? There's a reason I've never owned one of these.