Do Cellphones Give You Cancer?

Let’s end this age-old question once and for all: Is that cell phone in your pocket giving you cancer?

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Guys, Your Smartphone Is Hurting Your Sperm
Guys, Your Smartphone Is Hurting Your Sperm
“It may be time to take the phone out of your pants pocket, gents. A new study found that the low-level electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that mobile devices emit lowered sperm motility by 8%, and viability by 9%.”

Cell Phones and Cancer Risk

No, we’re not all being pickled in deadly radiation from smartphones and wifi
“Tomorrow at TedX Sydney’s Opera House event, high-profile neurosurgeon Charlie Teo will talk about brain cancer.”

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20 Responses to Do Cellphones Give You Cancer?

  1. Zack Attack says:

    In your face English teacher

  2. TREVOR J Cooper says:

    see the video that says "Fact: cell phones cause cancer"

  3. TREVOR J Cooper says:

    they are lying through their teeth! of course there is a link between cell phones and cancer!

  4. PrayerDaily says:

    Nice Shill Article. Can't help but wonder how much this actress got paid.

  5. Skybluewing Skybluewing says:

    THANK YOU. You proved my mother wrong, I can now put my phone in my room!

  6. Mario Azzopardi says:

    As far as I know, cosmic radiation is not radiant energy but high speed particles which hit our atmosphere. Can you clarify, please, or maybe make an episode on cosmic rays? 

  7. Adrian Gabriel Lucero says:

    I knew it! My mom is wrong all this time!

  8. Razziyel says:

    are u sure u are normal???

  9. leerman22 says:

    Cell phones do not give you cancer, only hepatitis!

  10. Tubagus Syahditya Ramadhan says:

    you probably forgot but in middle school , you also used to know me but its been  long time now ; things change

  11. the brink says:

    World Health Organization classified cell phones as carcinogenic.This statement was made from a team of 31 scientists from 14 countries who made this decision after reviewing the data from previous peer-reviewed studies.

  12. Dennis Davis says:

    Does Julia have a sister? I saw this girl in Detroit last weekend at the usav national championships that looked just like her

  13. Edward Bloom says:

    Brain tumors…Probably not. However, within the inner ear, there is a gland that releases toxins to kill bacteria. This is why we get fevers when sick. The increase in heat triggers the gland to release the toxins.

    Cell phones will cause this to trigger when up to the ear longer than 10 minutes. So we are needlessly dumping toxins into our brain. Just get wired headphones with a mic.

    Cell phones have caused tumors in women's breast who kept their cell phones tucked in their bra. The pictures are pretty shocking.

    Another minimal effort from DNews probably getting their info from wikapedia.

  14. Mark Woodrow says:

    Is there anything my phone can't do? It now even reduces the risk of unwanted pregnancy and protects my brain.

  15. thekaboominator1 says:

    You know, in all of this, I feel like people forget to appreciate the wonder of mobile phones.
    In this day and age, we can talk to anyone in the world with a radio connection, at any time. That's just fucking amazing to think about. 

    We need
    – Quantum entanglement communication
    – Tachyon Communication
    – Time dilation effect communication

  16. Ignite me says:

    Why haven't we cured cancer yet?

  17. Balerion says:

    only iPhones cause cancer

  18. Cris Shockwave says:

    This question has gotten me confused for a while: What causes acromegaly in people? 

  19. Pc Sharkey says:

    Wow something that doesn't give you cancer

  20. Maxundmoritz Hautala says:

    60 cycle 120 volt wall current gives off radio waves which penetrate to the bottom of the ocean. Cellphone rf is easy to shield from. Wall current should cause cancer.