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20 Responses to Don’t Hack Me! Cell Phones and Privacy on The Mom’s View

  1. PatrickOBrienhome says:

    That's terrible Carlie I never knew he was so mean:(

  2. PatrickOBrienhome says:

    Kali I LOVE your laugh!

  3. Faith Crouse says:

    My mom gives me privacy with my media and my iPad. I am a good kid with that stuff. I am glad she can trust me with that kind of stuff. :-)

  4. Kayla Noelle says:

    I wish my parents had the same views the Butler moms do. I have gotten in trouble with social media in the past. (no nudes or anything bad) but they tell me i did nothing wrong when i know for a fact i did. I wish they wouldve set rules, but they didnt and they still havent. :(

  5. steve Miller says:

    People need to be careful I cover the camera lenses on my phone. For people that steal selfies on snapchat have a website for doing that this world is just full of sick people

  6. ItsAliax says:

    it's so easy for teens to sneak in phones, text using ipad/iphones/computers

  7. Maisie Rhodes says:

    the best way to handle a teen is to compromise and treat them like an adult! D:

  8. Maisie Rhodes says:

    I am glad that my parents trust me with my phone,computer and social network life. my mum is friends with me on facebook ( although i'm rarely on it ). I regularly talk to her about the youtubers i watch as thats one of the things im passonate about. I think if you constantly look at your kids phones they will get sick of it. They ( more so at teen age) will be annoyed and will want more freedom of their phones. trust is a big thing. they may be more likely to come to you if they are worried about something or unsure if you can them a bit of freeway. but i agree tak to them about consequences. however school talks about it too. I have a feeling that our school goes on and on and they need to slow down and realise that we do know! we aren't stupid remeber that . kids do want to be safe as much as you want them to be. keep tham safe but remember although its not a necesity its important to teenagers to belong to something,feel wanted ( sometimes popular ) and do what ' everyone else is doing'.

  9. Nora Yandle says:

    you guys changed my life i have had a phone for some time and you told me to have a better life so i am a bls [ a smart school ] family and i need to get better at this so thank you so much that you saved my life

  10. Sophie Haben says:

    I'm 20 now… I didn't get Facebook until I was 13, I didn't get other social media till I was 15-17. I didn't get my first smart phone till I was 17, and honestly while my friends had smart phones and social media, I honestly didn't mind. As long as I had a computer I could access I was fine. I am going to follow the same path with my children (when I finally have some). I am so shocked there are 9 to 10 year olds who have a smart phone!

  11. Nykiah Tolver says:

    My birthday is on NOVEMBER,2

  12. Emma Armstrong says:

    I know that this is months later but I had to say this. I think every child should have access to the internet and cellphones to do whatever they want but parents should educate the children. Before giving your child a cellphone have a honest conversation about why they need a cellphone and what they should be using it for. Make sure that you can trust your child not to send nude pictures or other stuff. Same with the computers and internet. I find when you educate instead of enforce they listen to you more. I don't have children but me and my brother have always been good kids because our parents educated us. Youtube is also one place where children will likely learn the right message. Just look at most of the top youtubers and the messages they teach. Children will rebel in one way or another but by teaching instead of enforcing you can keep this to a minimum. All my friends whose parents were stricter were drinking way before they were 19 (Canadian here). I had my first full drink (had sips before but max one sip per time and with mom permission) in Ireland at 18 (the legal age there) with my aunt and cousin and drank a little on the trip but did not have any more after that till my 19th birthday. That is just my point of view, hope it helps parents.

  13. QTBlondeXO says:

    My dad doesn't want me to have a smartphone simply because it costs too much and our plan only allows two smartphones. I am 12 btw and everyone of my friends have a smartphone and it just makes me feel like I am missing out on something.

  14. ineedbinders says:


  15. Cat_Craft _11 says:

    OMG angle is so Annoying 

  16. Jackie Neumann says:

    So crazy watching this now, KNOWING what Angel's having – and cept for Carlie (but in the past she did) you ALL are having and had boys in like a time span of 2 years!! HOW FREAKING CRAZY! Boy-poppers 😀 Neat!

  17. Lotta Lindma says:

    I got my first phone when I was 6 beacause I travelled to the other side of the world ALONE and I was also going into first grade and I had practices close to school so I went there alone..i live In Europe and it I legal. I needed the phone it was a flip phone 🙂 btw love u guys

  18. Sue New says:

    Tell them that when they want to take a picture and send it to someone, they should imagine, mom, dad or grandma, grandpa or all the above in the room when they take it. Just saying!

  19. Natalie “Nat” Fish says:

    ANGEL!! You are so awesome. I appreciate the parents who remember they are PARENTS. Not letting kids bully parents is the way to solve the generational issues today.