#DopeOrNope Moto E 10 Dollar Phone Unboxing! [HOWTO Activate on GSM]

On Black Friday, I picked up 2 Moto E Verizon Prepaid phones for just .99 each. Today, I try to activate this on my T-Mobile SIM and get 4G LTE working on my T-Mobile. If you missed the Black Friday sales, you can still pick one up for around on eBay, still pretty dope deal.

Download & Step-by-Step Tutorial Here:

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20 Responses to #DopeOrNope Moto E 10 Dollar Phone Unboxing! [HOWTO Activate on GSM]

  1. K-PoP AnGeL says:


  2. Ivica Marušić says:

    error: device offline – Why it can't connect?!

  3. LpsLilacCutie Productions says:

    Did u make ur har invisible

  4. Rahat Tanvir says:

    Do you think this will get upgraded to android Marshmallow

  5. ShadowEagle says:

    why is the chrome logo black in the middle o_o

  6. Benjamin Davidovich Waals says:

    hi Max. can we use your method anywhere in the world?

  7. Emmanuel silva says:

    If I buy it from target it's the same model


    It's pretty much a 4 inch nexus 5… I'd say dope for 9.99

  9. dilyo624 says:

    The phone is originally 120$ Canadian and all the stuff in the box is what would come if it was from motorola

  10. dilyo624 says:

    I was getting mad because you are not supposed to put a nano sim with adapter into it. I read the Manuel and the case goes around the rim and you figured it out

  11. Froyos says:

    how do you expand your ram?

  12. Richard Rusinaru says:

    03:01 8 gigs of RAM??? WOOW

  13. mr. vain vice says:

    wow a 10$ phone is better than the 1,000$ iphone6

  14. Eric B says:

    3:00… "8Gigs of Ram" ?????????

  15. Rommell Delgado says:

    can i root ths device?

  16. Manley Evangelista says:

    We bought 11 of these, 2 were given away. And rest are kept for future resell or as a backup.

  17. Tyler's Tech says:

    I'm assuming ur using a blue screen lol, ur hat is invisible!!!!

  18. Tony Nameless says:

    So dope is good ?

  19. Saad Naeem says:

    Will this method work in every country with respective sim card?