Dr. Oz on Cell Phones and Your Health

In ‘Good Morning America’. 16th November 2009. http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/OnCall/cell-phones-brain-cancer-dr-oz-safety-tips/story?id=9090936

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19 Responses to Dr. Oz on Cell Phones and Your Health

  1. Vicky Raft says:

    Had a Gia Cell Sticker … didn't work and expensive … went to Natures Frequency and got one of theirs. Now my headaches are gone. Don't trust these multi lying companies.

  2. Susi Ran says:

    protection agains this frequency http://www.giawellness.com/susana cell guards, universal guards for your devices and all electronics plus they have harmonizers for your home and air headphones!

  3. md nazeem says:

    yes and we believed that smoking is good for our health. the cell phone use has already addicted humans to this stupid device or smart phones and people will find it extremely hard to give this habit up. pretty soon they will have some warning written in fine print abt the dangers of cell phone which pretty much everyone will ignore.

  4. Ebenezer Kalarama says:

    I keep my wireless car-key in a tincan now. Just to be safe. The tin can is rather uncomfortable in my pocket though.

  5. zerocheese says:

    Spooky scary radiation, how terrifying.

  6. Minelva LaPlante says:

    what about head phones?

  7. Isaac Liljeholm says:

    Does anyone have any alternative ideas to making cellphones.

  8. John Satino says:

    This is like fighting city hall,  good work Dr.Oz

  9. Frederick Wüst Jr. (Luminus337) says:

    the real problem is the variable frequencies of what is on the cell towers ionic heaters…cell phones cause problems however the towers are the real killers…GWEN, HAARP, NEXRAD etc…there in ball parks, hospitals, apartment roof's all over the planet chemical therapy or Kimo therapy the planet kill the spiritual light from withing humanity…

  10. Rand Babs says:

    lies lies lies from the FDA.  there are plenty of studies showing effects. 
     just one example is the Interphone Study. 

    can you really trust your FDA, and the American Cancer Society??? 

    Forget it, these are all corporate sponsered instututions.

  11. zarina khan says:

    cell phone use but don't abuse

  12. darr3nx says:

    We are all exposed to radioactivity in our everyday lives. Stop watching Tv, stop playing video games. Most sane people who have become accustomed to their life style would say Fuck that! Honestly, if I die, then I die. Everything has potential to kill you. Stop worrying about your life span and think about your life.

  13. drummerben04 says:

    I blame cell phone makes for designing an ear piece right on the phone that makes people want to put it up to the ear. I guarantee if they took away the speaker and microphone no one would be putting it up to their ear. Why does' t Apple, Samsung, HTC ect. take those things away and force everyone to use a wried ear piece.

  14. Frederique Zug says:

    Did you know the kill zone for a homeowners with implanted medical devices is 8 to 12 inches away from a smart meter?  I have looked at a lot of power company websites. WHERE IS THIS WARNING? The manufactures tell them to warn us, but they don't. WHY?

  15. John Satino says:

    As a medical researcher on hair loss for over thirty years, I am convinced radiofrequency energy is causing excessive hair loss. We now see as many Females in our clinic as Males, with no family history of hair loss, hormonal, or thyroid issues. Your cell phone provides a slow,direct radiation into the scalp. We are seeing some results from Blood-Derived Stem Cell Injections, but I tell everyone to use an earpiece. John Satino (Clinic Director) Hair & Scalp Clinics CLearwater Fl.  

  16. Darrell Williams says:

    On the cell phone being in your pocket…aluminum foil blocks the signal..Just wrap it up in foil and call it to see if I am right.  What I do is place aluminum foil in the holder that is on my belt, between me and the phone.  Whenever I can I take it out and place it away from my body.

  17. ujvidek68 says:

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  18. carlric says:

    FDA doesn't work for us but for the industries with money that corrupt them. Nothing that they say can be trusted.

  19. 63doru says:

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