Eating Smartphones and Cellphones from Chocolate and Marzipan

These are tasty chocolate figurines which look like smart phones and old cell phones.
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German starts 6:48
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19 Responses to Eating Smartphones and Cellphones from Chocolate and Marzipan

  1. Sabahat Sajid says:

    That app was the snake game

  2. Renad Ossman says:

    the application is called settings

  3. Angin Khachatryan says:


  4. Angin Khachatryan says:


  5. Esmir Agic says:

    flash drive

  6. ClaireBearBunny blogs 2! says:

    Is it just me that was singing "hotline bling" while watching this?

  7. MinecraftGamingGamesTV says:

    i know the red thing its kinda like a movie show or something?

  8. Sophie Vo says:

    I get a iPhone evre month

  9. lil diva says:

    Omg did anybody see the timer on the other black and white Apple phone did u see omg it says17:00

  10. Sofia Ribeiro says:

    god gave you nostriles to breath through while your eating,chewing

  11. Sarah Khan says:

    Who was eating chocolate while watching

  12. Abdulkader Abbo says:


  13. Abdul Azis says:

    Aww you broke your phone dude, what's wrong with you ?

  14. Kevin Nguyen says:

    About suck dick

  15. Hannah K says:

    warum redest du nicht gleich deutsch du ekelhafter depp!?!?

  16. Gabrielka Huker says:

    in welchen Läden kann man sowas kaufen?

  17. Alex Cotro says:

    sow cool