Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing Coming to Smartphones – IGN News

Nintendo plans to release both of these applications this spring.
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20 Responses to Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing Coming to Smartphones – IGN News

  1. Logmetech says:

    wait Fire emblem was the only reason i bought a 3ds :(

  2. The Beaver says:

    change the video description. it says coming this spring

  3. wii ehsan says:

    all i want is a good mario game on phones

  4. Hazzaman says:

    please be an actual animal crossings game … and not just a side app for the 3ds game

  5. mark facon says:


  6. Puff Lamu says:

    rip FE and animal crossing

  7. Captain Clash Gaming ★ Android & iOS Gameplay ★ Mobile Games & Video Games says:

    Very cool, much excite

  8. R. Mawdicib says:

    i read the title too quickly thinking its a cross over ._.

  9. Serrot304 says:

    id rather Nintendo delay that rush things

  10. PlayerTip 하얀고양이 프로젝트 채널 says:

    Oh my god. Animal crossing!

  11. IClutchTooMuch says:


  12. jaredwood111 says:


  13. 2112austin says:

    Zelda delay xddddd

  14. xMiniMorg says:

    Animal Crossing hype!!!

  15. henpupb says:

    WTF 2017 for Zelda!

  16. Jowurel says:

    Lmao Zelda delay. It's gonna be Twilight Princess all over again

  17. DubbelDO says:

    Interesting, these would both work really well on mobile.

  18. Mehdi Karim says: