Forget Smartphones. The Next Big Thing May Be Smart Drones

May 10 — Helen Greiner, iRobot’s co-founder and CyPhy Works chief executive officer, discusses Boston’s growing robotics scene with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang on “Bloomberg West.”
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5 Responses to Forget Smartphones. The Next Big Thing May Be Smart Drones

  1. GeorgeTunez says:

    don't think were only 4 years away. maybe 10 or so. cant imagine its efficient enough or safe/practical enough.

  2. user 15481 says:

    drones are people too! let the drones vote!

  3. Maleblade says:

    While watching this video the idea came to me that could be made into a movie I
    would title "Chassis."

    To get on the fast track of making human like robots,a company decides to use
    the bodies of brain dead people as the biological chassis for their nanohech
    neural net brains.
    The old wetware or brain is removed except for the brain stem and the new neural net
    is interfaced to the remaining brain stem.
    The main character's wife suffers a massive brain aneurysm and is is supposed to have died and cremated.
    Year's later he runs across a woman that looks just like her in some far off city.
    He stalks her and eventually finds out what really happened.

    All Rights Reserved.

    Oh,if you hear of charge systems that charge motor vehicles and flying craft on the move and/or fly,without tethers,you may be dealing with some of my ideas.

  4. The Ladyman Trump says:

    Drones will never be allowed to do what she says because of the security concerns. Terrorist would just exploit this to their advantage and we really don't want that. If Amazon can't make enough money with humans doing the transportation aspect of their business, then they will not last and are just living in fantasy.

  5. Cara Delevingne (HANREVENGE) says:

    I only can't forget blonde