Galaxy Beam Projector android phone Unboxing & hands on

Samsung Galaxy Beam unboxing the android phone with a built in projector this new model is also known as the GT-18530, this phone sports a 4″ LCD screen and had a nHD projector and I do the unboxing test the projector and give you an overall overview about this Galaxy Beam projector phone.

Galaxy Beam – Projector Review
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18 Responses to Galaxy Beam Projector android phone Unboxing & hands on

  1. FaZe BLURRY says:

    damn he ugly

  2. giancarlo guillen says:

    hi!! what u know  about the new galaxy beam 3 that coming for next year  make a video about it pls see ya !!!

  3. Khayree Wells says:

    Wish this phone came in the u.s ;(

  4. علي المدني says:

    معفن بطيء

  5. Gaurav Sharma says:

    this is very beautiful phone with projector… amazing quality like big projector … galaxy beam have DLP technology. Digital light processing..but cost is some high. this is available on ebay. around 29k

  6. allabouthegalaxybeam says:

    you are right, the phone is great!

  7. Phadungkiad F'am says:


  8. rahil nivas says:

    I liked this mobile, so I ordered it by online and i will get it in a few days.thanks for the video, its been so helpfull

  9. Suhas Rao says:

    dual core has two processor chips while single core has 1.dual core is as twice fast single

  10. Gaurav Sharma says:

    you can watch hd movie on wall even 90 inch so clear and fine … i have this phone and i am very happy

  11. DarthNvadeH3R !! says:

    damn your grill is fucked up

  12. NoPe says:

    my beam cant read micro sd card 🙁

  13. USMCSwagg2 says:

    Dual core is a lot faster but…. If you want a really fast phone go with a quad core like Samsung galexy s III

  14. Mohan Chandra. says:

    How can we recognise duel core and single core processor in phone.. What difference?

  15. ranjit kalsi says:

    best phone

  16. rohit smily says:

    Phone costs 29000
    & many things have been compromised for the projector

  17. joshua rodrigues says:

    how nuch this phone cost