Gionee Elife S5.1 , Super Slim Phone – Unboxing & Hands On First Look

Gionee Elife S5.1 , Super Slim Phone - Unboxing & Hands On First Look

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20 Responses to Gionee Elife S5.1 , Super Slim Phone – Unboxing & Hands On First Look

  1. Ali Glal says:

    is mobail name Flay no geoone

  2. Gian marco Tacchini says:

    How to make a screenshot with this smartphone? Tnk

  3. Roops says:

    i want to buy this phone,

  4. Vijay Sharma says:

    please do comparision between gionee s5.1 and samsung j7

  5. Guia das Invenções says:

    but this phone is equal BLU VIVO AIR. but this is 2050miliamperes and blu 2100

  6. Gladeriza Diaz says:

    how much is that???

  7. steen275 says:

    Why DAFAUQ do People Want slim phones????
    Its weak. Breaks like a chip.
    And if it was bigger = more Space for battery,
    Better camara, space for more GB, Dosent break
    2 easiely

  8. Rituraj Aqua says:

    do the capacitive buttons have backlid leds?

  9. mital brass says:

    gionee s 5.1 very very nice mobile i like it

  10. shaikh sajjad says:

    everything in the video is good but i cant hear you what u are saying….

  11. anissu zzaman says:

    Your videos are really very helpful and easy to Understand. Please keep you work continue. Thank you Issa Assad from Florida with love.

  12. mohit gupta says:

    The knife is gud …..

  13. Hodgy says:

    What launcher is it running I want to download it. 

  14. Isao Masato says:

    dende O.O

  15. saifudin khuzema says:

    Break this

  16. michael vargas says:

    This is trying so hard to be an iPhone 6. Even android with their app icons.

  17. Maaz Baig says:

    Guyz, it's real. Just register here and share it to earn some bucks…….

  18. Baljyot Sonar says:

    Bend test plz +iGyaan 

  19. Irina Das Sarkar says:

    Does the UI seems more or less like Zero launcher to anyone else or is it just me? 

  20. Samrat Sen says:

    i m also using lg 4.4.2 kitkat …..but this phone is looking handsome but price is bit higher