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19 Responses to Gionee S6 Smartphone Unboxing & Features – PhoneRadar

  1. Nickshu Sharma says:

    by the way its usb type -c u are saying micr o usb while unboxing

  2. Sooraj Khanna says:

    I love this video.even I want the GIONEE S6 SMART phone

  3. Jaquarius Brown says:

    how do you order the phones

  4. Emmanuel Adebayo says:

    beautiful screen but what else can I expect from an AMOLED screen

  5. Dhaval Bihola says:


  6. Krupesh Raval says:

    How does it fair against Le 1S

  7. jerin abraham says:

    Hey homie, could you please speak a bit slower !!!

  8. Zarna Vatwani says:

    nice phone and it is having a fabulous golden look.

  9. khan tariq says:

    oyes its volte

  10. khan tariq says:

    its volte or not

  11. Ankit Kumar says:

    Ugly looking fone .

  12. Mallar GHosh says:

    most of the time you are out of focus irritating

  13. Adil Mapnoo says:

    They have copied the bottom slide from iphone.. What a joke

  14. Varinder Singh says:

    over priced when phones with much higher specs at lower prices

  15. mahesh babu says:

    does this have 2 sim slots and memory card slot separate or its hybrid one…

  16. I exist! (FOR CRINGE) says:

    As soon I noticed S6 I thought it was Samsung… (´▽`)

  17. Sathish Mechy says:

    Stunning look!

  18. Jakub Kociszewski says:

    It's so similar to Cubot X15

  19. Himesh Pudaruth says:

    Where can I buy the phone?