Google Nexus 6P unboxing

PhoneArena presents an unboxing video of the Google Nexus 6P.
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20 Responses to Google Nexus 6P unboxing

  1. Spudalicious says:

    watching this on my Nexus 7 tablet

  2. Derron Dinh says:

    no earphones???

  3. Romy Esperanzate says:

    a google play music really? w/out earphone?

  4. tom senick says:

    Man, it must be really tough to read the back of a box and give some specs on a phone.

  5. Luis Damy says:

    S6 edge or Nexus 6P ?? Help me

  6. Raul bahadurshahi says:

    no headphones ?

  7. GkYoda says:

    no headphones for nexus 6p and nexus 5x :)

  8. Amine Rebel says:

    No headphones? pff

  9. Kyle Pippin says:

    Dislike for thinking they were two same cables. :/

  10. ram moghen says:

    Hi there! is that true that grey model attracts more smudges on its surface?

  11. Gorvel NNF says:

    Não tem fone de ouvido ?

  12. Pratik Adhikari says:

    Do Google offers earphone in Nexus 6P in-accessories?

  13. Ilham Nuari says:

    no handsfree include? seriously?

  14. fazlul karim says:

    analysed P for more than 1 min.. worst video..

  15. Khuram Shahzad says:

    They stopped showing his face in a lot of the new videos lol ?

  16. yasser arkan says:

    is there headset?

  17. Md Nazam says:

    but where had phone ????

  18. nadare07 says:

    no earphones?

  19. Edis Delgado says:


  20. Smith Waterman says:

    no headphone