Google Pixel Phone XL: Unboxing + First Impressions!

The Google Pixel Phone is getting a ton of buzz, so buckle up for this unboxing before I do my review coming soon.
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Google’s new Pixel Phone is their first smartphone that is Google branded, and will replace the Nexus line of smartphones. The Pixel Phone also has some exclusive flagship features, such as Google Assistant and Daydream VR, or at least for now. The Pixel Phone also claims it has the best smartphone camera. Google seems to also be competing with Apple’s iPhone, since the designs are very similar, with a high price point to match.

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20 Responses to Google Pixel Phone XL: Unboxing + First Impressions!

  1. Robert Combs says:

    Read the damn instructions

  2. Nicholas Jozaites (Creativeaddict) says:

    The adapter was made for the new feature the Pixel has that allows you to transfer all your iPhone information (contacts, imessages, etc) directly to your new Pixel. I.E. Regular usb into the pixel, and lightning into iPhone

  3. robPhenom says:

    more of this please :)

  4. Virus 282 says:

    The usb changer is an otg cable for plugging things into the device.

  5. Kalyan K. Das (KK) says:

    Well you've no technical ideas about the product. you use terms like.. oh this is a general USB and this is a regular USB. that's a No No if you want to be a tech reviewer. there's a reason why these cables and dongles are in the box. know your shit before you get into the game.

  6. Omar M Khalil says:

    The adaptor is for when you want to connect your pixel to another phone to transfer your data (hint: iphone), or to connect to a pendrive. The "normal"usb to usb c, is for when you want to connect your phone to your pc or mac

  7. Sketcha says:

    the glass if for nfc I think

  8. soran thomson says:

    the adapter is there for the same reason as the adapter for the galaxy s7

  9. Jacob Ramirez says:

    the cable is for data transfer from PC to phone

  10. Karoonal Chandru says:

    Does '50 shades of Grey' valid in India or not?

  11. Thaser Sakwani says:

    This guys channel is a joke, does that mean the pixel is fake? Waaaht

  12. Timmy Fifty says:

    3:30 The adapter is for connecting peripherals to the phone, the usb-C to usb-A is for connecting to a computer, the usb-C to usb-C is for charging with the included adapter. You pretty much got it all wrong :P

  13. Avalon Grant says:

    We're are the headphones

  14. Garrett Nicholas says:

    Are you not familiar with the many advantages of USB C. Because if that was satire. It's probably not a good idea to confuse people about standards of Technology. Thay have a hard enough time as it is.

  15. Kémaël Kauppaymuthoo (Kem) says:

    Actually the adapter is usefull in case you need to transfer datas from iphone or old phone like samsung did

  16. Thomas Taylor says:

    Nexus 6p is better then the pixel….because,custom roms will come out soon and my nexus 6p will be like the new pixel xl,or even much much more and much better! Nexus 6p is a lot… lot cheaper,and has a dual front facing stereo speakers too,and it is bigger!!!

  17. Thomas Taylor says:

    otg dude…. that little adapter is OTG adapter ! otg adapter is for the flash drives…card readers…etc…. The other cable is for the computer! that is it! I solved your mistery! 🙂 LOL! :)

  18. Blue Krish says:

    USB c to USB c is I guess to connect 2 phones

  19. pit topit says:

    it is to connect ur phone with pc u genius

  20. Blackest Man Alive says:

    are valid onto India??