Google Pixel Smartphone Unboxing |

Google has launched the Pixel, Pixel XL smartphones. Here’s a quick unboxing and first look at the Google Pixel smartphone.

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18 Responses to Google Pixel Smartphone Unboxing |

  1. Steven Floyd says:

    why is this the only unboxing video YouTube has allowed to remain unedited? all others have the "unboxing" parts edited out.

  2. James G says:

    Is this a Verizon sourced Pixel and if so did you unlock the bootloader yourself and if not did it just come this way out of the box?

  3. Waleed Rezq says:

    ugly design

  4. ‫يزن المصطفى | Yazan Almustafa‬‎ says:

    I want to see the Pixel phone Installing..

  5. tszhang cheuk says:

    The presentation is quite aweful

  6. Denzel Dickenson says:


  7. Jays aak says:

    give full review idiots

  8. Brandon Keil says:

    Did you need any special keys to unlock the bootloader or will it be consumer unlockable? The answer to this may decide if I return the phone or deny the delivery.

  9. Justin Merithew says:

    That blue is something else. it's a shame the front doesn't match and that it didn't come in 128gb, ended up going with the Black

  10. amir faisal says:

    like it

  11. Batool says:

    where is the earphones?????

  12. John Lee says:

    2 usb cable?

  13. Ervis Shasivari says:

    give full review idiot

  14. Rex The Dog says:

    How much Money is that in American/Canadian

  15. Danny eldridge says:

    when does the review embargo end?

  16. Middletown At&t says:

    how is this already showing that screen on boot? is this rooted and been unlocked bootloader?

  17. Unboxing says:

    Why doesn't it come with earphones.

  18. Munshat Rahman says:

    WHY fast forward?