Google Pixel UNBOXING

Google Pixel ‘Quite Black’ Phone Unboxing (Pixel XL Coming Soon!)
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17 Responses to Google Pixel UNBOXING

  1. John De Leon says:

    Kinda look like an iPhone. And the touch id on the back looks the same

  2. Sahil Agarwal says:

    Ugly phone

  3. Freddie Thompson says:

    Guys, respect Does anyone recognize larger than this variaqt?%

  4. Tech 4 Life says:

    plz tell…

  5. Tech 4 Life says:

    bro how did you do that click on face to subscribe?

  6. Kirigaya Kazuto says:

    honestly it has shitty design and build.not that premium compare it its other competitor such as galaxy s7 edge and iphone 7

  7. Celil Aykurt says:

    Google. Bad. Best today

  8. Ravi Sharma says:

    Looking good

  9. Pranit Bhagyanagar says:

    Just say it as a hot word "ok Google" everytime someone says that on YouTube the Google assistant gets fired pausing the video

  10. Nitroszx Oké says:

    Miss Nexus

  11. Mehdi Hassan Ahmed says:

    Bro May I know the exact price of it?

  12. Furqan Mirza says:

    Good phone

  13. I'm Batman says:

    The phone doesn't scream "premium" to me until you power it on. A phone at this price range ought to look the part at all times imo. Let's see if the specs pick up the slack that the visual design left behind. I'm anxious to see how it handles a speed test and multi-tasking.

  14. 悶騷偵探社 says:


  15. Zachary Beatty says:

    pft it has a headphone jack.. not buying this

  16. Shehry says:

    can't you make a normal thumbnail ?
    i mean stop over reacting -_-