Google Pixel Unboxing and Impressions!

Google Pixel Unboxing and Impressions!

Here is a first look at the Google Pixel phone and Pixel XL! I compare the 2 device sizes, show what’s in the box, and also give some first impressions of them! Let me know if you’re getting the Pixel or Pixel XL. Subscribe for more:

Google Pixel phone color comparison:

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19 Responses to Google Pixel Unboxing and Impressions!

  1. Richard Virgen Lepe says:

    Went to the Verizon store the other day to check out the pixel and it actually looks more purple than blue

  2. ashwinbhat95 says:

    i feel the pixel XL more! better screen and I'm just used to bigger displays.

  3. Tim K says:

    The Pixel XLs Display looks pinkish at 2:21 compared to the Pixel. Seems like there is again a bad color calibration.

  4. dagadgetguy says:

    The fact that you have the Pixel AND XL in Really Blue makes me Really Jealous! Nice unboxing though man, I've always enjoyed your videos :)

  5. SS says:

    Can you do a comparison test on charging times with the stock charger vs. a QC 3.0 Charger….. Very curious….

  6. elvihuelista94 says:

    Can someone provide the wallpaper used in the video? Thanks.

  7. Muhammed Azarudeen says:

    no headset

  8. Karl Worton says:

    I'm really torn which size pixel to go for. On one hand I'd like the bigger, better resolution display. The flip side is I have small hands and would like to have one handed usability. Reallyyyy struggling here!!!

  9. Paolo Salvador Rodríguez says:

    OMG I'm loving the Really Blue one. I'm not a white-faced fan myself tbh, but it looks really good with that blue. XD

  10. LEFTDICK says:

    nice dude i did a review too but yours was more indepth.

  11. Bilal Aslam says:

    I wish it had smaller bezels

  12. Papa B says:

    they look so nice

  13. nag s says:

    Really blue looks great. very pleasing color with best software at the moment.

  14. Sidharth Mehta says:

    How about calling the shade really hideous instead of really blue? It's such an awful shade! What was Google thinking?!

  15. PointyRockets says:

    2:09 usb type-a female xD

  16. Jagdeesh S says:

    Bullshit bezels

  17. Oh Zjuchi says:

    my phone's fingerprint also has more features, more than this phone

  18. You are correct says:

    Tried this in a shop yesterday, very snappy, the camera focuses super fast, possibly as fast as the S7. It was pretty great but the settings is a mess, I couldn't even find out where to remove the fingerprint I added to test.

  19. George Monroy says:

    Do you think its worth trading my iPhone 6 for the google pixel?