Google Pixel Unboxing! (Best Android 7.1 Features)

Google Pixel Unboxing! (Best Android 7.1 Features)

Unboxing the Google Pixel XL and going over the best new Android 7.1 Nougat features!

Google Pixel Impressions:

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Pixel phone provided by Google
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19 Responses to Google Pixel Unboxing! (Best Android 7.1 Features)

  1. Bflo23 says:

    I watched lot of Pixel reviews and the phone is absolutely awesome. It is living up to the hype. Before the reviews, I was like "It is way too much" but now with all the positives, it really justifies its price. I am seriously considering the $649 Pixel because it is a good size to carry, same exact camera and much cheaper. I believe Best Buy is giving you a $100 gift card and google chromecast with the purchase so that is like kinda getting it for $519….. You can sell the gift card and chromecast if you want.

  2. TKN 1218 says:

    did anyone else's phone open up google when he said ok google lol

  3. drmanhattan57 says:

    sure can't wait for the full review

  4. manish menon says:

    is it a good buy comparing to its predecessor, the nexus 6p!

  5. manish menon says:

    comparison with it's competitors.

  6. Zakk1699 says:

    better off with One Plus 3

  7. Shazil says:

    Marques,you should test the durability

  8. Raja Sondhi says:

    when you posting full review of iPhones???

  9. KenNetH WONG says:

    iphone 7 plus or Google Pixel XL would u suggest :)

  10. Latest Tech says:

    Why u have YouTube studio app on every phone. you have a main phone for that right??!

  11. Frost says:

    best unlocked android phone for under $350?

  12. Amol Bhopi says:

    Is HD for Happy Diwali? With the small lamp….:)

  13. echeaz says:

    Hey Marques, thanks for this video. I do a lot of kayaking and hiking which leads me to choose a phone based what waterproof/shockproof cases are available. Have you heard any such cases coming for the Pixel?

  14. Micheal Vidaurre says:

    Love your videos Marques. Is your Pixel through Verizon? Did Verizon put a bunch of bloatware on it? If so, can it be removed. Thanks. P.S. your Tesla rocks dude.

  15. Agis Gallie says:

    Okay, so this phone just arrived in my country, here's the breakdown. Pixel 32GB is $1259 while iPhone7 32GB is $1118, well done google, you guys have outdone yourself.

  16. dinesh joshi says:

    Can you please cover Xiaomi MI mix it was announced today

  17. Bailey May says:

    i don't understand why most phones still have huge chin bezels.
    imo, having a chin bezel is unncessary; most people hold their phone on its side anyway.

  18. jamie calder says:

    It is refreshing to watch your video's as they are some of the only tech video's left on youtube that are subtle and well written, also with Austin Evans who is also great. But channels like unbox therapy are just becoming less trust worthy and useful, and more of a generic channel that he believes his fame too much, so much respect for this channel! <3