Google Pixel: Unboxing & Initial Review (Questions Anyone?)

Finally, I have the Pixel in hand! It feels oddly familiar (takes features from other phones). Ask questions for review! Thank you to for making content creation possible and for sponsoring my content.
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19 Responses to Google Pixel: Unboxing & Initial Review (Questions Anyone?)

  1. Empress Island diva says:

    Can anyone recommend a website to unlock my iPhone 6s? A trusted one please no scammers

  2. Inajet Dzemoski says:

    can you tell me where I can get that wallpaper? thanks.

  3. Steven James DeBlasi says:

    Hi Erica. Love your videos! Please review the Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe in the near future. I'm living in Taiwan and own one, and I'd love to see your opinion/review on this phone.

  4. Daniel Johnson says:

    No Headphones in the box? Interesting.

  5. Daniel Johnson says:

    No Headphones in the box? Interesting.

  6. Peter Lewis says:

    Thank you, Erica. Not bad phone, some shortcomings,especially that it's v expensive, so-so battery life etc.Overall, though, nice & Spartan & android

  7. Sean Godsell says:

    What about testing out Google's new Daydream VR on your Pixel?

  8. Michael Reineke says:

    I've had the exact same problems with FexEX in the past, so I set up a tablet outside and kept a HangOuts video call going to it to try an catch any FexEX trucks driving by so I could go run out and flag it down. Did that for nearly 4 hours.

    Loving my new Pixel 5'. Looks more like a 5.5 with the size of your hands, though.
    I can't even look at my Nexus 6 anymore. HOW DID I LIVE WITH THAT?!

  9. Jet Jaguar says:

    No SD card? Nope.
    $800 price tag? Nope.
    Glued in battery? Nope.

  10. Geresu Chaka says:

    can i have the iphone 7 please!!!!!

  11. Bruce Wayne says:

    How's the battery life?

  12. Harinder Singh says:

    well erica
    i usually watch phones in unboxing videos…
    but in your channel i want to see you ..more then the phones

  13. phynesse2000 says:

    double tap to toggle last used apps -> Cyanogen FTW! :)

  14. Hassan Khalid says:

    I don't know, i tried hard but i cant stand this awful design !

  15. Alexander prince says:

    I need the iPhone 7 more than anyone

  16. Alexandre Montilha says:

    Erica, do you think this pentile screen is a downgrade from the IPS and same resolution screen on the nexus 5?

  17. RIYAZ NOORANI says:

    hello, if I buy 32 gb storage phone then how much actual storage I will get to use after all system usage

  18. Allen Leland says:

    This was a cool & informational video Erica :)

  19. Ben L says:

    I can't see myself paying that much for the Pixel. It's a great phone, it really is but it is overpriced for the things it can do.