Google Pixel XL first hands-on

Google Pixel XL first hands-on

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Get a close-up look at Google’s new Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. Both phones run the Snapdragon A21 processor, and have a 12-megapixel camera.

Hands-on with Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL phones:
Meet the new Google Home:
Goodbye Cardboard, hello Daydream View:
Google Wi-Fi first hands-on:

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18 Responses to Google Pixel XL first hands-on

  1. Sankar Prasad Panda says:

    very bad design…

  2. dipro001 says:

    Talking to your phone is gay!

  3. AJ Javia says:

    They should've make the front blue…. Wtf?

  4. Karam Singh says:

    A phone that we are embarrassed to take out of our pockets. Lol

  5. David Salas says:

    Ugly AF

  6. bobby4500 says:

    wannabe iphone, poor google!

  7. yaseen malick says:

    looks the mobile cover is built in.

  8. Farandula Mp3 says:

    Looks like a bad copy of an iPhone

  9. ‫الله ربى‬‎ says:

    تحفه فنيه

  10. Poyax says:

    To be honest, the google logo is so ugly. They should redesign this letter G logo. Ugly.

  11. fatcrewz says:

    google assistant is more stupid than cortana and siri

  12. Cyber Forest says:

    does it has a lED notification?

  13. nob ody says:

    looks like iphone 6 + samsung + nexsus together. Hahahah google is fakin' af

  14. Pharwex says:

    Apple are really making the design on phones, this one looks exactly like an Apple phone.

  15. 北辰高 says:

    the chin is crazy big

  16. Clarence Renalias says:

    Why not have the entire body of the phone be blue? Why have a two tone and have the front in white….

  17. Milliee says:

    Ok everyone is saying :'oh the iPhone 7 is so ugly' and then we see this phone… ugliest phone ever!

  18. far0ashgar says:

    Best android design in 2016 goes to HTC 10