Google Pixel XL Hands On

Google Pixel XL Hands On Google has just announced the Pixel smartphone, the new nexus and we go hands on with this new nougat, android 7.1 smartphone
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18 Responses to Google Pixel XL Hands On

  1. onur şenol says:

    no ois for $650 ?

  2. Tony Droid says:

    He's the only one to show the App short cut feature 4:35

  3. Apricot Blossom says:

    lol who is gonna buy this phone when there is the iphone?

  4. Gerald Fusion says:

    too many expensive phone produce now,with only a bit difference from cheap we buy an expensive phone for just to being ego?

  5. Gerald Fusion says:

    is this also ego phone?,
    well,i use xiaomi redmi 3s,and i can still call and text people,i can access google too,even streaming video from youtube.i still can use my yahoo,my instagram,and super long lasting batteries,and it is cheap too.

  6. Steve Mackay says:

    Pretty good looking phone.

  7. George F says:

    just wait a couple of months and this phone will drop $200, also I've learned my lesson with Samsung phones losing their value drastically after a month or so.

  8. Patrick Khwela says:

    For me the winner here is the software, otherwise the design looks pretty boring and outdated.

  9. Percent ERROR says:

    it look like an iphone…..

  10. Randy B says:

    phone looks clean people need to stfu.. white phones look like shit anyways

  11. dbsasuke says:

    Was hoping for SD card.

    The biggest thing is making DUO and ALLO default! Integrate it totally into the phone. imessage/facetime is dominating.

  12. Senad Selimovic says:

    what about dual windows multitask? dual sim slot?

  13. Elixzeah says:

    The smaller Pixel has a 5.0 Inch display not 5.2 Inch display. The Nexus 5x has the 5.2 inch display.

  14. kurolap says:

    Too bad the headphone jack is on top…

  15. jay phil says:

    fuck apple, ripping people off over the years. thanks google for keeping the headphone jack….beautiful phones too

  16. gcv980 says:

    I would like it better if it were more affordable

  17. Netanel Zafrani says: