Google Pixel XL Smartphone Unboxing & Overview (Indian Unit)

Google Pixel XL Smartphone Unboxing & Overview (Indian Unit)

Google Pixel XL Unboxing & Overview with camera samples the Pixel XL is powered by Snapdragon 821 chipset 4GB RAM and comes with 5.5″ Quad HD AMOLED screen it has a 12MP rear and 8MP front facing camera.

My Google Pixel XL Review

Google Pixel XL is sold online in India via flipkart

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20 Responses to Google Pixel XL Smartphone Unboxing & Overview (Indian Unit)

  1. Srijit Jana says:

    plz do the comparison between iphone,samsung & pixel xl.

  2. Arya Patel says:

    Which camera is he used na it's really bad and grainy

  3. Kishor Nidhankar says:

    yes sir we need comparison between the cameras of the 3 phones

  4. Aman Setia says:

    7.1 is released for yuphoria as cm14.1 unofficial

  5. Ashish Kushwaha says:

    everyone suggest ..shud i buy redmi note 3 or i shud wait for new launch

  6. Chandra Shekar says:

    does it waterresistant ? shatter proof? slow motion video recording ?

  7. Vivek Khandai says:

    too pricey

  8. VIKAS PAL says:

    please mujhe redmi note 3 wala mobile 4000 mai de do.aapke pass itne ssare mobile ho gaye honege.sirf ek de do

  9. landscape Ind!a says:

    google loot rahi hai

  10. Tapan Dalwadi says:

    make a camera and speed test video of Google pixel x or xl vs iPhone 7 and s7 or s7 edge

  11. Srinivas Bharadwaj says:

    Geeky ranjit ur videos are awesome ,for the pixel xl will google give latest android updates and how many versions of android will google provide to pixel ???

  12. Vamsi Chidipothu says:

    Take your Time –> Plan properly > review it better.

  13. Bhavesh Chaudhary says:

    please make a Camara comparison to iPhone

  14. Prasanta Biswas says:

    Need a camera comparison with iPhone 7…

  15. AmbitiousLafuaa says:

    hey can I use some clips from your video to make a video on Google Pixel as I'm a small YouTuber… And don't get phones supplied to me…
    please reply…

  16. Farrukh Nizam says:

    loving how your tones changes when you say 'boooaaaaaxxxx'

  17. Kunal Parbhane says:

    yes Sir make the camera comparison video on iphone 7 samsung s7 google pixel plzz

  18. Bruce Wayne says:

    Earphones! Finally! How's the sound quality?

  19. Adhiraj Singh says:

    Can someone tell me how the speakers on The Pixel Phone perform.