Google Pixel XL UNBOXING & Mini-Review

Today we take a closer look at the new Google Pixel XL in our first Unboxing & Mini-Review


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16 Responses to Google Pixel XL UNBOXING & Mini-Review

  1. Jake Mars says:

    that glass on the back looks ugly, new android interface looks ugly too! bye.

  2. Sipho Mandle says:

    Please compare it with the HTC 10 and the ZTE Axon 7

  3. Forever young says:

    Everyone is on Google dick now..

  4. Miguel Yanez says:

    it really doesnt come with duo or allo preinstalled! what a joke. how is google supposed to get more users on those apps?

  5. Jonathan Jones says:

    why this phone isn't on every carrier I will never know. it's like Google and LG are in a race to see who can be the most irrelevant.

  6. Seth Clayburn says:

    With all the hardware that this phone lacks compare to other flagship phones, you would think headphones would be included!. Especially for the price!. C'Mon Google

  7. Matthew Moreland says:

    hey do you know if the tmobile going to get this phone

  8. Alpha Rakama says:

    thunder pixel. I dig it

  9. David Ross says:

    $900 and not even cheap earbuds!

  10. Abdulrahman Alkhaldi says:

    I saw in google site under specification _network is written world wide network is that mean it work anywhere in the world

  11. thoyo says:

    the phone on the box looks like a Note 7 after it exploded

  12. Dicemoney954 says:

    No earphones?

  13. Vincent Matlock says:

    I love my iPhone 7 plus but Siri is useless. Only thing I use it for is to set alarms or a text. At least for me my experience hasn't been that good since it's been so hit or miss for me. I still use google now and so far the google assistant is making me want to come back to android. Pixel looks like a solid phone but besides the g assistant thing there isn't much reason for me to switch anytime soon. Just like everyone else has been saying the pixel 2 has sooo much potential if google just replicate what they did with nexus for the mainstream consumers. It better have water resistance though just like how the fingerprint scanner eventually became the norm water resistance is doing the same. It's 2016 google come on.

  14. Sharmaarke Muhudiin says:

    no headphone

  15. Damian Moehamad says:

    is this international anywhere?