Government Spying Through Cell Phones/GPS

Government Spying Through Cell Phones/GPS

Fox News reports that government can turn on your cell phone’s microphone through the gps chip and listen to your conversations… Even when the cell phone is off. Multiple articles showing government spying.

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26 Responses to Government Spying Through Cell Phones/GPS

  1. Lent says:

    @xander7ful In order for ‘them’ to record and transmit/receive the signal from the listening device, the device has to be powered in some form. Without batteries (disregarding solar power like may be used in calculators, phones, etc) or a plug, how else would the devices be able to be turned on and used to listen to you? Doesn’t make logical sense.

    There’s a difference between being informed/cautious, and being paranoid.

  2. Wes Hunter says:

     I exposed this years ago in a 9/11 TRUTH  BLOG I had on (which is owned by Billionaire MEDIA Guru Ruport Murdoch) and my entire page was deleted the next day. Hmmmmmmmmmm….Guess BIG BROTHER was WATCHING "ME"

  3. trinitythedivine says:


  4. Yasheiress Isreal says:

    I see the evidence of the dark side stalking ppl on their phone im very familiar of how the government along w/agents does for 3 1/2 years i have been blacklist stalked denied biz opportunity’s bbc of my beliefs in Christ im not angry all is forgiven to my enemies.The most high is and Christ is fighting for me nothing will be denied that’s for me now that im woke. I pray for you enemies.I wont stop it wont stop Christ wont stop -Israel Lives I live

  5. K/dHD _ says:

    1: wrap in tin foil then try to call ur phone

  6. xgreciandelightx says:

    @toolshed777 The owner of the Fox stations, Rupert Murdoch, attends the Bilderberg meetings. How much more can a shill like Glenn Beck open Rupert’s eyes? Please…

  7. Xander Taylor says:

    @SeraphicLegacy Why would the device need to be powered? Isn’t it necessary to only tap into the device’s receiver? I don’t know what receivers look like in tape recorders, cell phones, etc or how they operate. But it makes logical sense to me that you would only need some type of technology able to remotely access the receiver part of a device, apart from a battery.

  8. MarinRayado says:

    This vid deserves a million views

  9. Mercy Days says:

    Then why not spy on pedophiles drug and arms dealers and catch them in the crimes

  10. califbozo says:


  11. Elton Galvin says:

    *J’ai trouvé une façon qui fonctionne:* # ##
    *J’ai trouvé une façon qui fonctionne:* # ##
    *J’ai trouvé une façon qui fonctionne:* # ##

  12. Xander Taylor says:

    It’s not just cell phones. I am a TI (targeted individual, look it up) and I know from experience they can listen to you through your computer’s speaker, your home phone’s speaker, any tape recorder or boom box you have in your home. If you put your ear to the speaker & you hear a hissing sound, even when the device is off, you are being listened to. And I’m not sure it’s true that if you take the battery out, you can stop it.

  13. vhong navarre says:

    Phone spying is illegal if it is use to snoop on our personal calls.  I believe this phone tracking is useful if we want to crack down criminals and terrorist.  I hope the government is going to use it only for the benefit of its citizens.

  14. Damian Galvez says:

    Fantastic, I found this site on *google France*, I managed to find the girlfriend sms messages immediately:
    Try and you!

  15. SelfGoverned says:

    I bought a new Samsung Android 4G a few months ago, then realized that the GPS was not only a tracking device for your person… but that the Homeland Insecurity network can now ALSO simply activate the mic through your GPS, and listen to anyone and everyone… within audible distance of your phone! SAVE THOSE OLDER/CHEAPER CELL PHONES, PEOPLE!!! And I suspect the same is ALSO true now of your newest computer, tablet, etc.? Just gotta love the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT people, eh?? 🙂 WST

  16. eric foster says:

    Good Will’s and other thrift stores sell older devices that won’t have the new technology in them. If your wise and saved your older units that may be the way to go. Maybe we will have to talk in code to our family and friends in the future.

  17. ruby red says:

    So, are you saying Fox does not give the truth? That they distort? If so, that means this Fox feature about the cell phone monitoring is not true.

  18. benf101 says:

    What this video did not show (because I clipped it out) was where he made a wise crack about it to draw your attention away from the severity of what he was reporting. Yes, they distort. What I DID show was how he said it was good so that they can "track known members of the mafia". Another distortion. My real beef with Fox was with their false image of being the republican choice for news as an alternative to CNN, which is kind of like a democrat’s channel. I need to say more but I’m out of …

  19. Ace1000ks1975 says:

    What a bunch of nonsense, lol. Like the government will listen to everyone’s phone call, ROFL. A bunch of nonsense from the news I say!

  20. Lee'sExchange says:

    ya if you werent doing anything you would be dead. So thats no proof they even know who you are or what you were doing.

  21. Dominique Whittaker says:

    *Want to know where your wife every day?*
    *Use this website is free*

  22. Carsten Idland says:

    Search youtube for detracktor for a solution to cell phone spying, hacking, eavesdropping, stalking and tracking.

  23. qolspony says:

    The new youtube won’t let me add you as a friend. Anyway, cell phones have more uses than just tracking individuals. It can be used to attack people with unpatent technology. The technology is based on microwave frequencies and it can be very lethal to living organisms.

  24. Ace1000ks1975 says:

    It’s good if the government can spy on evil people who might be planning terrorist acts or crime within the country.

  25. Sherrie Bird says:

    this "music" is torture!

  26. Toolshed says:

    Its not Just Fox… Every New channel Is distorted… And since Glenn Beck has been on the air Fox’s producers eyes have been opened a lot more.. So Im sure The producer is watching what comes in and putting everything together.