Graalphone 4-in-1 smartphone/notebook/tablet concept

Graalphone 4-in-1 smartphone/notebook/tablet concept

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47 Responses to Graalphone 4-in-1 smartphone/notebook/tablet concept

  1. AdoboramaTV says:

    the 4th one is it becomes a digicam smh

  2. Peter Green says:

    great idea

  3. Maksym Mospanenko says:

    I don’t have usecase for this approach

  4. lupe8302 says:

    If you build it, I will buy it.

  5. Arther Casillas says:

    I miss my Droid 3 and 4 🙁


    fail project

  7. Василий Бобров says:

    внутренний смарт -лишний (имхо)

  8. boxertest says:

    Very interesting!!!

  9. Chilean Guy #6 says:

    "Windows". You lost me there.

  10. Riman Kar says:

    how can I get windows 7 exe file. please give me the link.

  11. * m14k0v5k1y * says:

    How to be connected 7 inch screen?

  12. Greenstreet Manish says:

    whats the price in rupies

  13. Aperia Peria says:

    but where is the mouse!?

  14. christian aquino says:

    looks nice, I really love the concept of this phone, but I wish it could fit in my pocket

  15. Steven Attila says:

    Who want to make this phone? I mean which country?

  16. krunqy says:

    again not working device. clumsy idea and retro decision
    Тик-так с Крун QY / Tic-tac with Krun QY

  17. InfamousVoid says:

    you people don’t know how to live. I really hope this device gets love and gets produced . I really want to buy one. I miss the stereoscopic screens and 3d phones.

  18. Juan G. Sanchez says:

    nice concept. is a combination of UMPC and hybrid phone. Where will this release to the market?

  19. Ascension001 says:

    This concept is stupid. o_o.

  20. Евгений Шевченко says:

    the nokia n900 soul seed is planted

  21. ksojoel says:

    the bigger screen is too short for a tablet

  22. Everything Nearby says:


  23. Seung Hyun Shin says:

    Its cool
    It looks like HP 200lx Palmtop pc

  24. papu escobar says:

    is cool mi the voy a pedir one a the kings magics

  25. Zulkarnaen Dicky says:

    Ia already on Indonesian market?

  26. o0julek0o says:

    This is pretty much the size of the old UMPCs which generally flopped. As much as I’d LOVE for this device to become a thing, I know it will probably never exist. It’s too bulky for most people, and the features aren’t in any way revolutionary.

  27. jt3000o says:

    the form factor reminds me of the oqo

  28. Eduardo Trindade says:

    is much cool!
    i want to buy but i need much money…
    i have to work much….

  29. Илья Хамматов says:

    Well, looks modernity hope they’re good price for reasonable

  30. An Tran says:

    No game controls, no buy.

  31. Ricardo Marizan says:

    shit up and take my money!"!!!!!!

  32. Minh tien Vo says:

    I want to buy it

  33. Shin The Mouth says:

    So Dumb, some people need to get fired

  34. Bart Schuck says:

    In some ways it reminds me of the HP Journada and the Psion Series 5 from decades ago. In comparison to phones of the 2014 to 2017 period, it is very thick, which will limit it’s appeal. Asus also did a phone-inside-tablet that never really caught on. I wish these guys well, but I seriously doubt it will have much success.

  35. shariqyt and rexnoldso says:

    OMG!it’s amazing technology and how much money we need to by it

  36. salvam santosh says:

    how much this phone

  37. Alim B. says:

    It would be better if it was universal where you can insert any cell phone but all in all I can get a tablet or laptop instead of this. It’s like they’re bringing back something old. Maybe if this came out before the tablet then yeah I can see it working, but not now

  38. Clive HG Lee says:

    that phone-in tablet is not necessary.. i mean it’s only 7"

  39. Harzem Ayna says:

    there should be jetblack version

  40. Фостер Джейк says:


  41. Rifat Sium says:

    does anyone knows where can i buy this from.Or which place is this