Honor 8 Unboxing! – Ultimate Pokemon Go/Instagram Phone?

Honor 8 Unboxing! - Ultimate Pokemon Go/Instagram Phone?

Here’s unboxing of Honor 8, the ultimate Pokemon Go/Instagram phone!

You can get it here:

We are also giving away Honor 8, here’s how to win:

Follow “ReallyHighOnAndroid” on Instagram:

Post up to 5 photos with hashtag #HighOnAndroid and #Honor8, post your best photos that shows you are “high” on Android.

We will pick the winners next week Sept. 1st 12PM Pacific Standard Time LIVE.

Good luck!

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19 Responses to Honor 8 Unboxing! – Ultimate Pokemon Go/Instagram Phone?

  1. yeah buddy King says:

    great Max ! I hope you give this bang for the buck phone more attention and go for rom reviews and root stuff. You are awesome reviewer man, and keep up the good work!

  2. shanume says:

    hi Max, I just thinking about getting a honor 8 or a p9, and I have found out the p9 has the same price as honor 8 now in Denmark, with one do u want to recommend to buy? hope u have time to answer :D

  3. Breno Almeida Da Silva Moraes says:

    Para os Brasileiros esse cara é ostentação

  4. Rjhay Jhayzzz says:

    how can you sure the entry picture was original and not photo grabbed? :D

  5. theJevan4 yelnats says:

    how does one be the highest on amdroid

  6. theJevan4 yelnats says:

    i posted 4 posts where 1 was a drawing of your channel profule picture

  7. Gamers Rio says:

    hi max lee asus fonepad 8 upgrade to lolipop good or dont good

  8. Bern Poppe says:

    I still can't buy the sapphire anywhere… someone help me please.

  9. Vishal Vishwakarma (Giveaway Channel) says:

    hey Max lee uts so mine i can participate because i dont use instagram i think u should give atleast 2 type 1st is instagram and second whatever u like most…

  10. dan valentin says:

    A phone that whort every penny.

  11. John Caban says:

    why do these drawings have to be so complicated? I'm not on Instagram or Twitter. I'm barely on Facebook. but I do need a new phone. My Galaxy S3 is old as hell and so am I so give me a break and help a guy out.

  12. Ronald Gagnon says:

    How can you help but follow his advice

  13. said AL_maawali says:

    i wont the phone

  14. JT Smith says:

    lol sim ejaculator tool

  15. Tarik Sonmez says:

    Here is why I wouldn't get that phone. It looks like Iphone and its os is so similar to ios. Most Chinese phone companies do this. That's why I hate those kinda phones. :)

  16. Daniel Carrión says:

    The only thing that keeps me away from this phone is the ui. Apart from that everything else seems prefect. Especially the size

  17. AHMED SHAH says:

    nice it's happen for u only

  18. Louise Perrot says:

    Taste troop store human swing palm

  19. mohammed omar says:

    i see honor 8 is flagship killer.. thank you for this video