Hotwav Flames bezel less 6″ smartphone

Hotwav Flames bezel less 6″ smartphone

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48 Responses to Hotwav Flames bezel less 6″ smartphone

  1. allam mannena says:

    i love this model mobile
    i want to buy this mobile
    plz contact me plz
    my mail id


    I think the girls accent is hotter

  3. Jackriot Zaee says:

    This kind of company doesn’t produce their own "brand". They made phones for other companies and help them in rebranding. It’s all about market monopoly.

  4. BD Vraj Talent says:

    Battery is not enough…use 3200 one please

  5. HORRA says:


  6. Siddu Machakanur says:

    How to purchase hotwav flames bezel less 6 mobile phone

  7. DJDanceClassic says:

    SHUT UP AND TAKE MY $$$$$$$$$

  8. Kweenieman says:

    Bezels look amazing tho, weird there is no other video of this

  9. mounir horaifich says:

    I m form morocco and i want this phone

  10. Dr B says:


  11. Kadji Graph says:

    Did I just see a pathetic plastic been explained as a phone. The level of scammers we have is out of recognition.

  12. Jr Animator says:

    you know mtk 6750 is just above cpus used by fake iphones. what great phone. just use a fucking helio chip. don’t use
    those fucking 6000 series chipsets. they suck dicks.

  13. Allah Ditta says:

    What is UAE pirz

  14. Jr Animator says:

    she should learn english more.

  15. aleogho kamil says:

    what is the name of this phone. I want to buy it. I am from nigeria

  16. Dr B says:

    BEWARE !!!!! VAPORWARE !!!!!!

  17. Dan Odden says:

    Why was the wallpaper a Note 4 wallpaper…

  18. D. Fănel says:

    When I first saw the preview of the video, I thought it was some kind on Note 4 fanboy edition, or a concept phone. And your english is …bad, I could hardly understand what you were saying.

  19. Toure Taylor says:

    LOL 666 Likes

  20. Siddu Machakanur says:

    How to purchase hotwav flames bezel less 6 mobile

  21. Moukazaru Gen2010 says:


  22. Aleksandr Demianov says:

    Hello , give me a link where you can buy a smartphone for Russia Hotwav Symbol s3

  23. jeetendra patel says:

    beautiful phone hai ham ko lena hai koin sa hai batao p…..

  24. Alex Demirtzoglou says:

    Amazingly beautiful device, though why don’t they hire someone who speaks fluent english?

  25. Karsten Kramer says:

    så sjovt i alle skide kina gnasker skal lave kpoi af kpoi hele tiden!!! hvad ender det med? i laver en kopi/clon af jeres børn/mand/kone? skab nu noget nyt for helvede

  26. Kamal Hashem says:

    كم سعره

  27. Alvin boon says:

    This phone looks gooood but battery should be double

  28. Kweenieman says:

    Mega pwixews

  29. Dennis Rabasto says:

    How to ordered this phone?im here in the philippes

  30. Jhonnattan Monsalve says:

    What is the name for this SmartPhone?

  31. Tanvir Alif says:

    The wallpaper looks similar to the one of note 4.

  32. Alyx Vance says:

    me luv u long time

  33. felipe lp Gofert says:

    Lindo ele quanto chegara no brasil

  34. Komekko こめっこ says:

    And they said Indian Accent are Unbearable


    I dont think she’s holding an actual phone, it’s a demo phoney. is there a true review of this phone yet?

  36. Zsolt Reti says:

    That battery is a joke

  37. Saikul Islam says:

    But the battery is 2200 mah i think if it would be 3000mah it wold be perfect ass helll i almost cried after watching the battery

  38. Jr Animator says:

    damn these chinese english… so funny

  39. IVT Ninja says:

    Where can I purchase this phone at?
    And will it work in the US on AT&T towers?

  40. edy santoso says:

    just a dummy ? i think it is not a real phone.

  41. Zanime says:

    0:06 Two ”camares” that shoot as one

  42. Ayong Pratama says:

    nice phone

  43. Hanson Chimaobi says:

    battery 2200 a joke

  44. jeetendra patel says:

    koin sa phone hai bataoge p….

  45. Iraklis Mel says:

    the worse marketing ever seen

  46. Maybach Meeky says:

    exhibition mmhmmmm……

  47. Sumit Bhowmik says:

    how can I purchase it