How Cell Phone Recycling Works

How Cell Phone Recycling Works Credits: , HowStuffWorks
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18 Responses to How Cell Phone Recycling Works

  1. Elice Mikola says:

    i would steal all the phones in the recycling bin an night

  2. Dan Simmers says:

    It's a good thing to recycle but not all bad items like mercury etc get recycled. Noone wants just either. It's good but I have to think that the "recycled" name gets more credit than what people think.  I took some large trash items to a land fill and a truck that was making the name of their company look as though it was a green recycling opperation. It was throwing trash out just like other trash trucks were.    

  3. Zac Woodbridge says:

    Dat video quality tho! :D

  4. kjksilveraward says:

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  5. Dan A says:

    all electronics are recycled.

  6. Nestor Villa says:

    I never knew that cellphones can be recycled.

  7. Tristan CF says:

    yes, and on youtube you can see how to burn down those circuit boards & receiving the gold outoff it.

  8. Sethos says:

    so basicly if u want to make mulah on gold steal the phones from the " recycle your phones" boxes, k got it

  9. zietbukuel says:

    Fuck, my iPhone 5 is made out of scraps… T_T

  10. Stop WhiteGenocide says:

    Diversity is a code word for less White People.
    Nobody says an Asian country that is 100% Asian needs more diversity.
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  11. 5iv3z says:

    wont catch me with no brick ass lookin phone

  12. TehHijack says:

    remember this was back in 07 🙂

  13. Dikotomii D says:

    It was said years ago: "One of the most profitable jobs of the future will be Technology Recycling"
    You kids are too young to remember.
    I'm only 38!

  14. Sony Trinitron says:

    I know the people should keep them whats bad with a old phone i subbed by the way 🙂

  15. 2000xlt says:

    gold 1673.70 platinum 1576.70

  16. Oliver T-H says:

    but there's a lot more gold in a cell phone than platinum, proportionally, so the value of gold in one phone, is greater than the value of platinum in it

  17. theNRmuffinman says:

    Platinum is worth more then gold…