How Do Cell Phones Work?

An explanation on how cell phones work with my general knowledge and research.

By: Raquel Gonzalez
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20 Responses to How Do Cell Phones Work?

  1. Lycan1987 says:

    oh wow, so freaking simple. i had a feeling it was like walkie talkies, but i just wasnt sure.

  2. Hope The Dancing panda says:

    you sound like your 9-13

  3. Preston Gates says:

    doing project on cel phones and already know the basics of how they work but this gave me much more than that thanks

  4. Thomas Anderson webb says:

    I knew it

  5. Ganindu Nanayakkara says:

    Great explanation! :)

  6. Matthew Hubbard says:

    Hi Raquel. I really enjoyed this video. I'm putting together a presentation for a class project on how a cell phone call works. It's going to go into a little more depth of the equipment between the cell towers. I would really like to use your video in my presentation if that's ok with you? Thank you.

  7. Gurpinder Cheema says:

    0:33 Antonio Meucci invented the phone!

  8. aprox23 says:

    Well done.

  9. Lilian Barrera says:

    Did you do this for a school project or just on your own? If the former, what grade did you get? If the latter, good job! But what motivated you to do something so professional?

  10. Marcus Martins says:

    and Tesla finally gets the credit he deserves

  11. Francis Morris says:

    i know i did spelling error  

  12. Francis Morris says:


  13. Leuel48Fan says:

    Samsung (and any flagship Android) is next step technology compared to an iPhone. Very good video and order of how phone tech advanced.

  14. Lucas Fernandez says:

    why are you fucking samsung

  15. Lucas Fernandez says:

    Why does the iPhone come before samsung what are they implying :|

  16. Karen Diane Tentner says:

    Hello and thank you for this video!  I don't know if you are planning to make this a part of a series, but here are some add'l questions that i have: 

    • How do cells divide up the city and allow frequency reuse?  
    • What is a “control channel”?  How does it work? 
    • So is each cell assigned to a carrier and each SID is assigned to a cell? How many users can use a cell at a time? How many users can use a frequency at a time? What happens when users from different carriers need service throughout the city? What happens in congested areas of high cell phone use?
    • Once your phone and the tower switch on the assigned frequencies, your call is connected.  Are two frequencies (one for one speaker and the other for the other) assigned in both the city where a call originates and in the city where the call is received? What is the full path of data from caller to receiver? How do the following terms fit into this?
    • Device: phone/pc/tablet
    • Transmitter
    • Receiver
    • CO
    • Backaul
    • Cabinet
    • Cell

  17. Guilherme Hastenreiter says:

    Fake! The guy and his friend have the some number!

  18. Anirban Chakroborti says:

    Actually , cell phones use MICROWAVES of 1 WATT.

  19. itsraquelgee says:

    Thank you everyone for your comments.

    I am aware that there are errors in this presentation because of the very simplified concepts. But I hope I can improve so I can help you guys out. Thanks again.

    P.S. Apologies for my 12 year old sounding voice. I lacked a voice actor when this animation was due during my undergrad. :)

  20. Annalise Nuckolls says:

    Thanks for making this video, I have to do an essay on how cell phones work. Thx for making this video! :)