How Is Your Phone Changing You?

Should you be worried about your cellphone?
6 Reasons For A Cellphone Vacation:

Written by Annik Carson, Rachel Salt, Gregory Brown and Mitchell Moffit


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19 Responses to How Is Your Phone Changing You?

  1. anis kamiluddin says:

    indonesia subtitle please

  2. Helsathefirequeen says:

    I wear glasses for seeing further, but so do 4 out of the 5 people (including me)

  3. Len Arends says:

    What was the point of that "8-year-old child" comparison? That may be the angle, but we certainly aren't placing that amount of strain on our neck.
    Yes, there is strain, but let's be reasonable. Scare tactics turn people off.
    And why is this strain suddenly a problem? We have the same posture when reading a book or magazine.

  4. plussox says:

    I use a Jitterbug

  5. Kiki Plays says:

    also being on social media can get you friend but also that's where a lot of bullying happens which if bullying goes too far people can become depressed and social media has a lot of predators for kids and teens.

  6. dana therabbit says:

    watching this video at 5:46 XD

  7. Amanda Stapley says:

    I was thinking I am one of those people who hates when I leave my phone behind and I end up waiting somewhere being bored. But then I remembered I use my phone to read when I am in those situations. It is just easier than carrying a book around with me and I have a library at my finger tips. Not to mention ebooks are cheaper. I buy physical copies of my favorite series but it helps soften the blow when I come across something that I wouldn't want in my personal collections.

    I also use one of those blue light eliminator apps. Trying to make sure I get that sleep in.

  8. Punkypie555 says:

    I can live without technology, but life would just be really boring.

  9. Taha says:

    I don't know how people play candy crush…

  10. agirl4lyfe says:

    I'm able to fall asleep very easily despite my phone but I stay up until like 3 in the morning trying to read a book I like. Does that mean I'm an alien or something? These studies are bs

  11. Xatinum says:

    Yup, that is my brother

  12. BloodDeathOf Bloodclan says:

    I have an iPad…

  13. Cyber Forest says:

    so, what should i gonna do

  14. KuyasKorner says:

    Some phones or tablets have features when you can sort of change the colour scheme of the screen. Like my tablet it has a setting for a warm colouring style, would that still cause sleep issues? Also google play books has this feature when it adjusts it colour scheme based on the time of day, so that as you move over to night, the page slowly becomes like an orangey brown.

  15. samantha louise says:

    You should do a video about what would happen if everyone stopped having children

  16. Svetlin Totev says:

    and what if I don't use a smartphone at all

  17. Cookiemaster2007 I LOVE COOKIES!!! says:

    Lol I am a 8 year old!

  18. Nick12452 says:

    What if my brightness is extremely low?

  19. Melissa Nguyen says:

    is it bad to crack your fingers?