How to Make an Emergency Mobile Phone Charger using AA Batteries

In this video tutorials, I show how to make an emergency charger for Mobile Phones using AA Batteries.

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20 Responses to How to Make an Emergency Mobile Phone Charger using AA Batteries

  1. FAKHRUL ISLAM says:


  2. Usama Ali says:

    bahi data cabel ki tar kia ke sath attach karni ha

  3. Satish Nehra says:

    is it necessary to use ic7805 ?

  4. Rakshit Kanjiya says:

    it shows it is charging but really not charging instead of this it discharging mobile battery

  5. Shahzad Roy says:

    voltage regulator only used with AC cell ? or we can use it with DC cell?

  6. Rohan Jagtap says:

    this does not work

  7. Divyansh Swarnkar says:

    fake one it just show that it's charging but it does not charge bad work

  8. Roshen Sumadha says:

    super aaaaaa

  9. Владимир Беляев says:

    Делал себе такой еще в школе в 2007м

  10. Seu Chandarith says:

    No 7805 is 7808

  11. Andrew Villasor says:


  12. Farhanaz Aadil says:

    the charging percentage is not increasing
    it remains the same

  13. Hlutea Blues says:

    not easy.. i dint have soldering :)

  14. ErCapoAlex 2.0 says:


  15. gabbie Gonzalez says:


  16. So Funny says:

    So stupid to cut a USB cable.

  17. yugal chhetry says:

    from where can we get that regulator

  18. Mohammad Chutal says:


  19. Korim Khan says:

    korim khan